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Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC)
NUST has successfully licensed out its third Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) to the industry in Karachi. The IPR is for Three Phase Load Balancing (3PLB), developed by Capt Dr Syed Sajjad Haider Zaidi of Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC) Karachi along with team of three students Mr. Muhammad Osama Bin Shakeel, Mr. Syed Ali Jaffer and Mr. Muhammad Faheem Ali.
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The IPR has been transferred to M/s Bolts (Pvt) Ltd of Karachi, a well-established company offering Engineering, Design, Manufacturing and Fabrication services to the industry. 3PLB device is power electronics and deals with the issue of load unbalancing through uniform distribution of current in all three phase, hence eliminating the neutral current flow. The technology reduces 20% of the electricity bills if it is installed in a three-phase fed house. The scaled version of the device could be installed to cater the industrial heavy loads. It enhances the efficiency of a transformer and prevents the creation of negative sequence voltages.