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Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC)
Academia and Industry collaboration

The research and development activities in any educational institute play a pivotal role along with academics. In order to strengthen R&D at NUST-PNEC, efforts are in hand to seek collaborations with various national/ international organizations. With this backdrop a symposium titled ‘2014 National Symposium on MNT and CoSoN’ was arranged at NUST-PNEC

During the first session of the symposium, the MoU was signed between NUST-PNEC and NILOP (National Institute of Laser and Optronics).  This MoU will synergize NILOP and NUST-PNEC in such a way that it will be mutually beneficial for both the organizations. After this collaboration, the researchers and students from NUST-PNEC will benefit from research related facilities provided by NILOP. Moreover, highly qualified researchers from NUST-PNEC will visit NILOP and enhance research activities that will be helpful for the progress of the world in general and Pakistan in particular.