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Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC)
Research Staff
​​​  Name​ Designation​ ​Specialisation Institute​ of Specialisation
​1. Dr Muhammad Junaid 
​Asst Professor
​Information Security ​PhD (NUST)
​2. Dr​ Muhammad Saeed Khalid ​Asst Professor ​Naval Construction - Rigid Body Hydrodynamics ​PhD (USA)
​3. ​Dr Akbar Ali ​Asst Professor ​Human Resource Management ​PhD (Karachi University)
​4. Dr Syed Sajjad Haider Zaidi ​Asst Professor ​Power Engineering ​PhD (Michigan State University) USA
5​. Dr Attaullah Memon ​Asst Professor ​Non Linear Systems, Control and Automation ​PhD (Michigan State University) USA
​6. Dr Adeel Yusuf ​Asst Professor ​Machine Learning ​PhD (Georgia Institute of Technology) USA
​7. Dr Hammad Raza ​Asst Professor ​Computer Vision ​PhD (Michigan State University) USA​
​8. Dr Tariq Mairaj Rasool Khan​ ​Asst Professor ​Non-Destructive Testing ​PhD (Michigan State University) USA
​9. Dr Aleem Mushtaq ​Asst Professor ​Signal Processing ​PhD (Georgia Institute of Technology) USA
​10. Dr Asif Mansoor ​Asst Professor ​CF Dynamics ​PhD (University of Karachi) Pakistan
​11. Dr Bilal Muhammad Khan ​Asst Professor ​Wireless Sensor Networks ​PhD (University of Suxxes) UK
​12. Dr Asim Khawaja ​Asst Professor ​Computer Vision ​PhD (Australian Natioal University)
​13. Dr Aqeel Shah ​Asst Professor ​Non-Conventional Machine Process ​PhD (UET) Lahore, Pakistan
​14. Dr Khawaja Bilal Ahmed ​Asst Professor ​Optical RF & Telecom ​PhD (University of Bristol) UK
​15. Dr Arshad Aziz ​Assoc Professor ​Information Security, Configurable Computing ​PhD (NUST)
16.​ Dr Syed Nazeer Alam ​Asst Professor ​Satellite Communication Electronic System ​PhD (NUST) Pakistan
​17. Dr Ali Hanzala Khan ​Asst Professor ​Software Engineering ​PhD (Software Engineering) Finland
​18. Dr Gul-E-Hina ​Asst Professor ​Applied Analysis & Inequilities ​PhD (NUST) Pakistan
​19. Dr Dur e Shahwar ​Asst Professor ​Information Security, Reconfigurable Computing ​PhD (NUST) Pakistan
​20. Dr Lubna Moin ​Asst Professor ​Control System​ ​PhD (NUST) Pakistan​