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Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC)
Course Description
This course offers two specializations, namely thermal power engineering and thermo fluids engineering. Thermo fluid
specialization is better suited to the students who are keen on pursuing research and academic careers. The curriculum is designed to ensure that graduates will develop analytical, computational and experimental methods to analyze heat and fluid flow systems for research applications. Thermal power specialization is designed specifically to meet the needs of the modern engineer in industry and educational institutions. This specialization will enable graduates to acquire knowledge of a broad range of industrially relevant topics within the fields of thermodynamics and fluid mechanics.

Associated Careers

Completion of this program results in comprehensive knowledge of thermal power and thermo fluids engineering. They will enjoy strong adaptability in R&D organizations, industries and other establishments. Graduates can apply for career in academia and research in higher education schools, HVAC and thermal design companies/consulting firms, power plants, and many other establishments.