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Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC)
Bachelors in Electrical Engineering for Fall 2017 and Prior
The programme is designed to meet the dictates of modern trends in the field of electrical technology, encompassing a wider technological perspective. The programme includes basic sciences and humanities courses, electrical and microwave technology, electronics, signal processing, control systems, communications, microprocessor and computer courses, with the final semester specifically emphasising power generation, transmission, distribution and protection. The element of electrical power enables the graduate engineer to effectively take on his/her job in the power generation and distribution sector. With a significant design element of 6 credit hours for project work, students are able to apply their theoretical knowledge in research and developmental activities.

BE Electrical Program is accredited up to Intake Batch-2014 as per decision of PEC 70th EA&QEC/EAB Meeting held on 8 September 2014
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