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Diplomas & Certifications


Code​ Diploma​ Starting Date​ Registration​
DIP-FPHS00​​ Certificate Program on Fuel Processing, Handling and Storage-01 Month 
12th Feb- 13th March, 2018  Closed
Cer-CC00​ Cambridge Business English Certificate - 01 Month Evening Program
12th Feb-13th March, 2018
DIP-MSP00 MS Project (2016) Professional- 03 Months Evening Program​ 13th Feb- 14 May, 2018
PC-CHRP00 Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP) - Six Months Evening Program March 2019​ Closed
DIP-SCM00​ Diploma in Supply Chain Management - Six Months Evening Program​
April 2019
Cer-HSKP00 HSK Preparation Program- 01 Month Evening Program​
25th June, 2018          Open​​
DIP-PDPM00​ Professional Diploma in Project Management (PDPM) - Four Months Evening Program
March 2019  Open​
NGO Management Professional (NMP)- Four Months Evening Program​
Tba  Open​​
DIP-CM00​ Capital Markets (IFMP)- Four Months Evening Program​​ October, 2018​​ Open​
DIP-CM00​ Construction Management-Four Months EveningProgram 13th September, 2018 Open​
Cer-RE00​​ ​ Research  Expert - Two Months Evening Program September, 2019​ Open​
Cer-CC00​​​​ Cambridge Business English Certificate - 01 Month Evening Program​ 22nd November-21st December, 2018​ Open​