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Programs Calendar

S.# Course Topic​ Date​ ​​Registration​
56 Excel for Data Transformation and Analysis 19th-20th Dec, 2019​ Open​​
55 ​How to Prevent Revenue Leakages 19th Dec, 2019​ Open​​​
54 Contract Management​ 12th-13th Dec, 2019​ Open​​
53 Training Need Analysis​ ​10th-11th Dec, 2019​ Open​​
52 Business Registration with SECP 5th Dec, 2019 Open​
51 Patient Safety 21st-22nd Nov, 2019 Open​
50 Employee Grievance and Discipline Management
20th Nov, 2019 Open​
49 Basic Training on Stock Exchange
19th Nov, 2019 Open​
48 Essential of Emerging Leaders
14th-15th Nov, 2019 Open​​
47 Inventory Store and Warehouse Management
12th-13th Nov, 2019 Open​
46 Digital Marketing for Business Growth 22nd- 23rd Oct, 2019 Open​
45 Ignite Data Science with R
17th-18th Oct, 2019
​44 Emotional Fitness: Train your Brain 15th-16th Oct, 2019 Open​
43 Procurement Techniques and Methods
14th-15th  Oct, 2019
42 Management Skills for Mid Career Professionals 10th-11th Oct, 2019 Open​
41 Ethics at Workplace
8th-9th Oct, 2019 Open​
40 Emerging Trends, Threats and Solution of Cyber Security 24th-25th September, 2019​ Open​
39 Handling Specific Issues in Construction Projects II: Bidding, Evaluation and Award of Contract, FIDIC Dispute Resolution 19th20th September, 2019​ Open​
38 HR Analytics-4IR 16th-17th September, 2019​
37 Effective Communication through Storytelling 6th September, 2019​ Open​
36 Organizational Goal Achievement through Diversity 5th September, 2019 Open​
35 Effective Business Writing Skills 29th-30th August, 2019 Open
34 Entrepreneurial Mindset  28th-29th August, 2019​
33 Engaging Participants through Effective Communication
26th-27th August, 2019 Open
32 Discovering Leadership through Self Analysis
22nd-23rd  August, 2019 Open
31 Conflict Resolution
21st-22nd August, 2019 Open
30 Pump Design, Selection, Operation and Maintenance 29th-30th July,2019
29 How to gain Competitive Advantage in Healthcare Marketing
23rd-24th July,2019 Open
​28 Performance Management and Motivating Employee
18th-19th July,2019
27 Freelancing Skills
15th July,2019
26 Impression Management and personal Branding
11th July,2019
25 Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making 09th-10th July,2019 Open​
24 Artificial Intelligence
27th-28th  June, 2019 Open​
23 Relationship Management and Collaboration Skills
25th-26th  June, 2019
22 Charismatic Presentation Skills 21st  June, 2019
21 Building High Performance Teams 18th-19th  June, 2019
20 Time and Stress Management 17th  June, 2019
19​ Handling International and Domestic Arbitration​ 2nd-3rd May, 2019​ ​Open
18 Human Capital Analytics-4IR
29th-30th April, 2019
17 A 35 Hours Preparatory Course for PMP Certification Exam 20th-21st & 27th-28th  April, 2019
16 PRIMAVERA P6 Software for Project Management
20th-21st April, 2019 Open​
15​ ​Professional Grooming 19th April, 2019​ ​Open
14 Special Economics Zones(SEZs) Opporunities and Challenges 17th-18th April, 2019
​13 Hands on Training Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI)  16th-17th April, 2019
12 Artificial Intelligence and its applications in today’s workplace​
15th-16th  April, 2019
11 Planning and Organizing: Purpose, Benefits & Effects
4th-5th April, 2019 Open​
10 Emotional Toolkit for Managers
27th-28th March, 2019
9 Finance for Non Finance Professional 25th-26th April, 2019 Open​
8 Financial Modeling and Analysis 21st-22nd March, 2019
7 Essential of Effective Communication 21st-22nd March, 2019 Open​
6​ Negotiation and Influencing Skills
27th-28th February, 2019
5 Digital Marketing Toolkit
21st-22nd February, 2019
4​ Artificial Intelligence and its applications in today’s workplace​ 11th-12th February, 2019
3                                 Managing Innovation through Leadership                                         ​ 6th-7th February, 2019
2 Personal​ Excellence and Success through NLP 21st-22nd January, 2019 Closed
1 Analytics for Business Leaders
15th-16th January, 2019 Closed