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Programs Calendar

S.# Course Topic​ Date​ ​​Registration​
66 Management Skills for Supervisors 12th-13th December, 2018​ Open​​
65 High Impact Train the Trainer (HITTT) 05th-06th December, 2018​ Open​
65​ Essential of Emerging Leaders​ 27th-28th November, 2018​ Open​
64 Employee Grievance and Discipline Management​ 22nd  November, 2018​ Open​
63 ​Handling Some Specific Issues in Construction Projects and Effective Contract Management​​
15th November, 2018 Open​
62​ Inventory, Store and Warehouse Management​
15th-16th November, 2018 Open​
61 Teacher as a Mentor
26th October, 2018​ Closed
60 Disaster Risk Reduction (DDR) and Project Management
25th October, 2018​ Closed
59 Introduction to Business Analytics: Improved Business Insights Using Data 22nd-23rd October, 2018 Closed
58 ​Management Skills for Mid Career Professionals
18th- 19th October, 2018 Closed​
​57 Employment Law 27th-28th September, 2018​ Closed​
​56 Introduction to Business Analytics: Improved Business Insights Using Data​
26th-27th September, 2018​ Closed​
55​ Risk Management in Project ​25th September, 2018 Closed
54 HR for Non HR Professionals
25th-26th September, 2018​ Closed
53 Achieving Personal Effectiveness 17th-18th September, 2018 Closed
52 Manufacturing Standard and their Significance
30th-31st ​August, 2018
51​ Primavera P6 Software for Project Management 28th-30th August, 2018​ Closed​
50​ A to Z of Social Media- All you Need to Know (Karachi) ​16th-17th August, 2018 Closed
49​ Emotional Intelligence Toolkit for Managers 06th-07th August, 2018 Closed
48​ Teacher as a Mentor 31st July, 2018​ Closed
47​ Unleash your True Potential-Become the Person You Want to be. 26th- 27th July, 2018​ ​Closed
46​ Handling Workplace Politics 23rd-24th July, 2018 ​Closed
45 Risk Management in Project 19th July, 2018 ​​​Closed
44 Drive Insights from HR Data​ 17th-18th July, 2018 ​Closed
43 Business Writing Skills 16th-17th July 2018 ​Closed
42 How to Design Online Trainings 25th May, 2018 Closed
41 The A to Z of Social Media- All You Need to Know (Karachi) 10th-11th May, 2018 Closed
40 Problem Solving and Decision Making
10th-11th May, 2018 ​​​Closed
39 Handling Specific Issues in Construction Projects & Contract Management 10th-11th May, 2018 Closed
38 The Science of Presening Point of View 08th-09th May, 2018 Closed
37 Teacher as a Mentor
07th ​May, 2018 Closed
36 Performance Appraisal Management
03rd-04th May, 2018 Closed
35​ 05 Days BSI Certified Course on Balance Score Card Professional​
02nd-06th May, 2018
34 Achieving Personal Effectiveness 26th -27th April 2018
33 Drive Insight for People Data using Microsoft Excel
25th -26th April 2018
32 Team Building and Team Supervision
23rd-24th April, 2018 Closed​
​31 The A to Z of Program Evaluation
23rd-24th April, 2018
30 Procuremnt , PPRA Rules and Applications
18th-20th April, 2018
29 Advanced International Humanitarian Law
16th-20th April, 2018
28​ ​CPEC- Harnessing the Opportunities and Addressing the Challenges 10th-12th April, 2018​ ​Closed
27 Engaging Partiicpants through Effective Communication  09th-10th April, 2018 Closed
26​ ​Managing Sales Team of Banks (Karachi) 29th-30th March, 2018 Closed
25 Managing Sales Team of Banks ​29th-30th March, 2018
24 Patient Safety 29th-30th March, 2018
23 Conducting Sucessful HR Audit  29th-30th March, 2018
22 Procurement, PPRA Rules and Application​
 26th-27th March, 2018
21 ​How to Design and Deliever Presentation
26th-27th March, 2018
20 Networking and Public Relations Skills (Karachi)
21st - 22nd March, 2018
19 Performance Management
22nd March, 2018
​18 Training of Trainer (ToT)
19th-21st March, 2018
17 Condition Mointoring and Maintennace 15th-16th March, 2018
16 A 35 Hours Prepartory Course for "PMP Certification Exam"
12th-16th March, 2018
15 Teach the Teacher Program 28th Feb- 02nd March, 2018 Closed
14 How to Gain Competitive Advantage in Healthcare Marketing 28th Feb- 01 March, 2018
13 A to Z of Social Media (Karachi)
26th-27th February, 2018 Closed
12 Public Speaking-The Confidence Factor 27th- 28th Feb, 2018 Closed
11 Handling Difficult People​
23rd February, 2018 Closed
10 FinTech 22nd-23rd  February, 2018 
9 PCB Design 19th-20th February, 2018​
8​ Effective Communication of Data Insights:Dash Board Modeling Training for HR Professionals
19th-20th February, 2018
7 05 Days BSI Certified Course on Balance Score Card Professional​ (Karachi)
19th-23th February, 2018​
6​ 05 Days BSI Certified Course on Balance Score Card Professional
12th-16th February, 2018
5​ Report Writing Skills​ (Karachi) 29th-30th January, 2018​​ Closed
4 Report Writing Skills 29th-30th January, 2018
3 Emotional Intelligence Toolkit for Managers 29th-30th January, 2018 Closed
2 Advanced Excel Module I 25th-26th January, 2018 Closed
1 Break Your Shackles
23rd  January, 2018