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Customized In House
 PDC offers tailor made training programs for organizations on request to address their specific requirements. We adopt a distinctive approach to equip the managers with specific skills which improves their performance and catalyzes positive change in respective organization. The prerequisite of a customized training is the need analysis which is followed by the content designing, done, in consultation with our client a post training evaluation is also carried out to ensure the program deliverables are aligned with the expectations and objectives.
If you want to have a solution specific to your organizational problems in the areas of management, Engineering or IT, then you may contact:
Salima Sana Khan
General Manager
Professional Development Centre
Cell: 0321-5248947
Off: 051-90856687
Naila Tabbasum
Assistant Manager
Professional Development Centre
Cell: 0324-5246710​
Off: 051-90856691