Meet Our Entrepreneurs
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Meet our Entrepreneurs
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Mr. Fahad Tewana 
CEO Wonderful Engineering 
​Fahad is a young, serial entrepreneur, currently the CEO of three companies in Web, Technology and Media domain. At 24, he is already a multi-millionaire. When he was just 18, he started a few blogs that became very successful. Since then, he has founded 5 companies out of which one was acquired by an Australian tech & gadgets retailer in 2012 and another by a major US media group in 2013. Fahad has won several awards at business plan and startup competitions, and has been the recipient of Prime Minister’s Award twice for his entrepreneurial acumen. He is an alumni of School Of Civil And Environmental Engineering, NUST.
“Being at TIC has helped me harness the intra-NUST talent and build university linkages across the country. I also enjoy  giving back to the community through my 6 years of experience and mentor new startups at TIC in the domain of online marketing and sales.”
Mr. Faisal Zahid 
CEO Swaggable
​Faisal Zahid is a serial entrepreneur with deep passion towards design and technology. He founded CraftyPixels while at college and then went on to co-found Swaggable in 2011, which is a multi million dollar social sampling platform, based in San Mateo California, backed by various investors across Silicon Valley. Prior to this, he was actively involved with the international game development community, which ultimately resulted in his move to California. During his time at Stanford Linear Accelerator, he was part of the project called "Measuring the Digital Divide", where he created various data visualization tools in an effort to improve internet connectivity in Africa.
“Being a graduate of NUST’s School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences and given the resource base and ecosystem available here, it was always on my mind to setup my startup’s Pakistan office at NUST.”
Mr. Mansoor 
CEO Touch'd 
​A graduate of the prestigious Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute, Mansoor brings fourteen years of industrial experience, the last six as a technology leader developing innovative products. His last stint was developing “XpoSim” (, a next generation immersive simulator for the oil & gas upstream exploration lifecycle. After 7.5 years at LMKR, Mansoor quit his job to focus entirely on his startup. “Touch’d” aims to set the standard for a more ‘social’ social experience, and lead the way in blending technology and lifestyle such that technology adapts to lifestyle, rather than the other way around.
“As the premier technology incubation centre in the twin cities, I was naturally attracted to TIC. Faced with the daunting task of launching a global consumer product in the social space, I found TIC to be just the place to interact with people who’ve been there, done that. Great startups, proactive and cooperative management and an enabling environment make TIC a perfect match for tech forward companies like Touch’d.”

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 ​Mr. Owais Anjum 
CEO eMumba  

Owais is a Sil​​​icon Valley veteran with over 17 years experience in product design, technology management and leadership. He has built and scaled teams in Silicon Valley and Pakistan and has a track record of delivering high quality products. His last stint with Numetrics involved initiating company’s operations in Pakistan and scaling it to 40 people that powered 90% of company's global engineering needs. He Left his job in October 2011 to dedicate his full focus on his newly founded startup and has since persevered to take Cricout to where it stands today. He is an active member of the Islamabad entrepreneurial circle and is also President of OPEN Islamabad chapter. Owais has an undergrad in CS from GIK Institute (1997), and an MBA from San Jose State University (2005).
Team eMumba has leveraged the enterprising environment of TIC by collaborating with other co-entrepreneurs and benefiting from their complementing skill sets. We've also been able to build upon the industrial relations offered by TIC and have used them to market and promote our product.”
 Mr. Asim Mushtaq 
CEO Magma Systems 
Asim has an undergrad in Computer Science and a Masters in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) from the University of Nottingham, UK.  He has over 7 years of GIS Development experience.
Asim founded Magma Systems in 2011 and specializes in GIS, Web Mapping and Location base mobile apps. He has led Magma Systems to achieve considerable success for a fairly new company, including projects with with TfL (Transport For London) to prepare their road network data for navigation of heavy vehicles, and update their road network data for London Olympics 2012.
“Being in TIC has helped us greatly, all facilities are available at very economical rates and with access to the NUST schools, we're able find quality resources as and when required. TIC is a great channel for building the right connections within the industry as well."

Mr. Mustafa Saeed 
Co-Founder 3ReStart 
​Mustafa is a graduate of NUST School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science where he earned a gold for the best degree project. From his university days he has had keen interest in improving the learning experience. He has experience of developing products for multiple companies Pakistan and abroad and now runs a company by name of 3Restart where they focus on creating learning experiences that are fun and engaging which taylor to children's learning patterns and measure results. He has been an active part of Pakistan's entrepreneurial circle with also being part of the accelerator program Invest2Innovate.
“At TIC my startup has access to a great pool of talent and immense help from my alma mater in making 3Restart a true success.”

umar adnan.png
Mr. Umer Adnan 
CEO E4 Technologies  
​Umer is a problem solver with over 5 years of experience in product development. He is a Fullbright scholar with a diverse skill-set, an undergraduate degree in Mechatronics and MS in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University. He is also adept in managing geographically diverse teams, delivering on challenging projects and developing collaborative partnerships by utilizing his vast professional network.   Umer is very passionate about developing technology based products because it can positively impact the lives of billions of people. His entrepreneurial journey started when he designed and commercialized UPS technology for the Pakistani market when the energy crisis was at its peak. Umer founded E4 Technologies in September 2013 and has since, successfully built a team of very talented people. E4 Technologies has worked for clients in Europe, USA and Pakistan.
“For me, incubation at TIC meant access to NUST's labs & equipment, tapping the knowledge base of NUST's faculty and being able to hire talented graduates from NUST.”
 Mr. Arslan 
Co-Founder Enekon
​Arslan Co-Founded Enekon after completing his undergrad in Computer Systems Engineering  from GIK  in 2011. With more than 7 years of experience in 3D Graphics he has been able to build strong design and development teams for Enekon. Over the years Arslan has grown his network of contacts in the Experiential Marketing industries of North America and the Middle East.
“TIC has provided a strong platform for Enekon to further grow and expand our teams by gaining access to the vast talent pool of engineers and designers graduating from NUST. The mentor-ship provided at TIC has also played a significant role in improving our business model and work flow.”
Usman Aslam.png
Mr. Usman Aslam 
Co-Founder Sky-Computing Solutions 
​Usman Aslam is a seasoned technology professional with an experience of 10+ years in Software Development consulting. Usman holds a Masters degree in Information Technology from National University of Sciences and Technology, specializing in Multi-tenant Software as a Service architecture. With a keen interest in cloud-based technologies, Usman co-founded Sky Computing Solutions in 2011. Besides other cloud technologies, Usman specializes in Platfrom as a Service. He holds Developer and Advanced Developer certifications, and also has a couple of IEEE conference publications.
“TIC has provided us a platform to learn from mentors, industry leaders, and other start-ups. Its location within NUST has helped us a great deal to find good human resources.”
Mr. Ameed Ansari
Co-Founder Creatrixe 
​Ameed is a NUST graduate with high ambitions. He is a fervent entrepreneur, experienced in team building and idea generation. His venture, Creatrixe rose to fame by a viral hit, Angry Imran in 2011, that received widespread national and international media coverage and topped the Google Play Store in Pakistan. And then there was no looking back. Ameed actively pursues his passion for developing great games and is always brimming with ideas about prospective projects.
“TIC has been an integral part of my startup’s journey. For me, the three words that define are: Focus, Credibility and Network. Being at TIC has helped me focus on what really matters for my venture, everything else happens almost magically! TIC has greatly improved the credibility of my venture due to its great market name. To top it all off, it opens a horizon of network connections that are virtually inaccessible elsewhere."

Ms. Negar Nazar 
CEO Gogi Studios
​Nigar Nazar is Pakistan's, in fact the Muslim world's first female cartoonist. With a track record of rendering cartoons for over three decades she has taken her work to unconventional mediums such as hospitals and public buses for social messaging through cartoons. Her central character "Gogi " an enlightened and ambitious urban young woman is related to by many a Pakistani woman. She involves young people to hatch creative and delightful approach to the most serious social issues. With sixteen comic books , four hospitals and fifteen buses behind her, Nigar has been rated at the top of the list of CRN USA (Cartoonists Rights Network) for innovative use of her work. Nigar has been a Fulbright scholar twice.
“I enjoy being at TIC because it has added a dimension to my work where I incorporate students’ new and high-tech knowledge. I am able to talent hunt for increasing my work many fold and taking it to new heights; In the process I am reminded thankfully to don the other hat of being an entrepreneur and not just an artist."
Mr. Amir Anzur 
CEO Webpreneur Academy 
​Amir Anzur is an Internet entrepreneur who teaches individuals and organisations about Internet, entrepreneurship and living a good life in the Internet economy. He won the 2005 European prize for innovation and his clients include, Google, Intel, Nestle, Oracle, Samsung and Xbox. Amir is the author of "Internetism (noun): The belief that the Internet will make the world a wealthier place.". He loves sharing his experiences through speaking and writing about entrepreneurship.
Mr. Murtaza Ashraf 
Co-Founder IOPTIME 
Murtaza Ashraf has done his bachelors from SEECS-NUST. He co-founded IOPTIME when he was a sophomore. His startup develops smart phone apps. His interests are swimming and horse riding.