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About SSBC
Welcome to the Student Startup Business Centre (SSBC) at TechOne NUST Incubator!

National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) has entered into an agreement with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan and the Promotion of Education in Pakistan (PEP) Foundation to join hands for the establishment of a Student Startup Business Centre (SSBC) at NUST. The goal of the initiative is to promote talented student entrepreneurs and enhance their practical learning experience at the university. 

SSBC will provide free co-working space, seed funding, incubation facilities, mentoring and coaching, and opportunities to participate in national and international events to selected student startups.

NUST SSBC is situated within TechOne - NUST Incubator, Pakistan's first and largest business incubation centre established under academia. 

Why is the Student Startup Business Centre Being Established?

The role of higher education also includes empowering and enabling students to compete in a highly challenging and globalized economy. As we transition towards a knowledge economy, universities are emerging as the primary agents of economic growth. In addition to their traditional role of imparting education, universities are focusing on driving innovation and entrepreneurship and using linkages with the industry to identify value addition opportunities that can be commercialized.

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This paradigm shift is reflected in the mission statement of NUST:
To develop NUST as a comprehensive, research-led university with a focus on Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Community Service.

A concrete step towards achieving this goal is the establishment of a Student Startup Business Centre at TechOne NUST Incubator.

Young student entrepreneurs are ideally positioned to identify local needs and gaps in the economy and address them with successful startup businesses. However, they need guidance, financial support, networking opportunities and specialized knowledge to succeed. While some students may have some business experience, many are not exposed to the world of business and lack the knowledge and/or financial means to materialize their ideas and make them profitable.

SSBC will serve as the missing link between students’ ideas and the skills and resources that are required to transform these ideas into profitable startups.​