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Course Description

The Virology and Immunology program provides students a unique opportunity to study all aspects of pathogenesis using a spectrum of cutting-edge molecular and cellular techniques that look at effects, treatment and cure at the level of the organism. The program provides an opportunity to tailor coursework and research activities to fit the career goals of individual students.


The ASAB interdisciplinary research programs reflect the richness and diversity of our research endeavors. ASAB
programs focus on understanding the molecular organization, structure and associated gene expression profile of viruses. This understanding can help curb major viral pathogenesis in the animal and plant kingdoms because the hallmark of all viruses is to induce molecular gene expression leading to aberrant cellular alterations, the cause of over 500 major viral diseases.

Career Opportunities

Our degree programs fully meet employers’ needs and so our graduates enjoy excellent career prospects. Our graduates are well-equipped to tap the vast opportunities available in academia, biotechnology, the pharmaceutical industry and research and diagnostic domains.