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ASAB Faculty Successfully Completes Fellowship Training at DUKE-NUS
Dr. Aneela Javed (Assistant Professor, Department of Healthcare Biotechnology, ASAB) has successfully completed her One Year fellowship that included 5 months training at DUKE-NUS graduate Medical School, Singapore. The fellowship was awarded by National Academy of Sciences, USA, as part of 'One-Health Project in Pakistan'.  During her stay as visiting Assistant Professor, Dr. Aneela undertook internationally recognized training courses dedicated to the scientist in intellectual property rights, laboratory safety issues, International ethics in science for the use of animal and human samples for research and clinical trials. During her stay, she was trained in the latest diagnostic techniques for the detection of Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic fever virus (CCHFV). These techniques can be applied for the detection of CCHFV in Pakistan which has become a major zoonotic threat to Pakistani population over past few years. These diagnostic techniques can also be employed to other viral infections in Pakistan. During her stay at the training, she got a chance to present NUST and ASAB at various international forums and established research linkages in terms of technology and student exchange. These collaborations will not only improve the research standards at host laboratory but will also open new horizons for the future research and employment linkages with Singapore education and research sectors.