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Dr. Saadia Zahid Awarded Research Grant from HEC
Dr. Saadia Zahid (Assistant Professor, Department of Healthcare Biotechnology, ASAB), has been awarded Research Grant under Institutional Strengthening Grant for Upgrading Laboratories and Libraries (ISULL) from HEC on her submitted proposal entitled “Strengthening of Proteomics and Neurobiology Lab for Elucidation of Proteomic biomarkers for AD and other neurodegenerative disorders” worth PKR 2.23 Million on June 30, 2018. The grant is one of its kinds by HEC, aiming to strengthen and upgrade the existing Laboratories and Libraries of recognized public sector Universities/ degree awarding institutions. The funds granted to ASAB's faculty will be utilized to strengthen the proteomics facilities by upgrading the neurobiology lab with state of the art equipment. It will facilitate the training of research students and provide innovative solutions to the current socio-economic problems of the country specifically associated with mental health. The project duration is 12 months.