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Organized a Three Day Workshop
by Dr. Muhammad Tahir on “Omics of Begomoviruses and its Impact on National Economy”

A three day workshop (March 25-27, 2015) was conducted by ASAB in collaboration with USDA and ICARDA. The workshop entitled “Omics of Begomoviruses and its impact on National Economy” was mainly intended to promote awareness regarding the virus’s role in causing economic losses. Another purpose of this workshop was to provide hands-on training to students and researchers in this field by highly skilled faculty at ASAB in order to develop effective control mechanisms. It was ensured that researchers from far flung areas of the country like Balouchistan and KPK are given preference in order to give them the necessary exposure, essential for intellectual growth. The participating universities included University of Swat, University of Azad Jammu Kashmir, University of Baluchistan, and other universities from KPK and Southern Punjab.