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Post Doctorate Completed
by Dr. Muhammad Tahir (ASAB) from University of Arizona

Dr. Muhammad Tahir, Asst Prof/HoD Plant Biotechnology, Atta-ur-Rahman School of Applied Biosciences (ASAB), completed his Post-Doctoral studies with Prof. Dr. Judith K. Brown, University of Arizona, USA during 2014-2015. During his stay at the University of Arizona, his major objective was to develop a contemporary, innovative approaches to reduce cotton infecting begomoviral infection by targeting begomoviral genomes using the modified Cotton leaf curl virus-betasatellite vector (minus the virulence gene) by expressing a plant host Cytochrome c gene that induces plant cell death immediately upon virus infection of the target cell. In addition to molecular biological experiments, Dr. Tahir conducted experiments for virus inoculation and propagation as well as biolistic delivery of cloned viral DNA (Helios particle gun) for plant infection and virus detection by molecular assays.