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Message From Dean

To the avid biologist, to the inquisitive researcher and to the curious observer; I extend my very warm welcome to all alike. Atta-ur-Rahman School of Applied Biosciences set amidst the scenic landscape of the capital Islamabad, aims to provide you with an enriching environment to foster your mental faculties with activities that go beyond the classroom. Our highly efficient staff and knowledgeable faculty members are ever ready to assist and support you in reaching your true potential and helping you make the best of your time at this School.

We plan and hope to make ASAB the hub of cutting edge research in the areas of molecular medicine, plant biotechnology as well as industrial biotechnology; focusing on diseases which have marred our part of the world for centuries as well as utilizing our sustainable agriculture base and mentoring the future generation to make full use of it.

It is no doubt an ambitious endeavor, but we are lucky to have faculty as well as a strong student body who believe in self reliance and individualized initiative. The keen resolve to untangle the intricacies of bacterial and viral infection and the immunological repercussions of the same is a goal very close to everyone's heart in this School and is the pinnacle of our agenda. But our agenda would not be complete without the yearn to chalk out therapies and solutions which are in demand and economical for the masses.

With the help of Corporate Advisory Council of NUST, we are working tirelessly to bridge the divide between research and industry. Whether it be setting up new biotechnology companies or collaborating with existing pharmaceutical set-ups for mass production of valuable products such as Interferon, Insulin, GM-CSF and HBV vaccine, we have earmarked and started working with the decision makers and stakeholders to get what is best for the people of Pakistan to the forefront.

Investment and international linkages is one area where ASAB has seen immense growth, and we continue to strengthen this base as the quality of our research depends on it. With over millions already invested in the mere span of past 2-3 years, and the international exchange of expertise and knowledge amongst our students and faculty, we have seen results and are proud of the achievements of this School and its members.

Our system allows us to be personally in touch with every student, yet large enough to offer a broad range of courses. When combined with first class care and great teaching and research, wonderful things happen and our students flourish.