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Miss Yasmin Badshah
Healthcare Biotechnology

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
H-12, Islamabad, Pakistan.
Tel : +92-51-9085-6145

Medical microbiology, Molecular diagnostics

M.Phil  medical microbiology from COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad

1. Assessors course on ISO 15189:2007 Medical Laboratories ( Dec-2011 - Dec-2011)
Institute     PNAC
Remarks     PNAC & Norwegian Accreditation.

2. Technical Training Course on Measurement Uncertainty/Method Validation for Medical
 Laboratories. ( Dec-2011 - Dec-2011)
Institute     PNAC
Remarks     PNAC & Norwegian Accreditation

3.  BD FAC caliber Systems (cell sorter) Key oprator training course ( Oct-2010 - Oct-2010)
Institute     BD  Singapore

4. Training workshop of Provincial Master Trainers, injection safety, Device control and
hospital waste management  ( Jan-2009 - Jan-2009)
Institute     NIH
1.    Optimal laboratory methods of diagnosis and treatment of Escherichia coli associated diarrhea.

2.    Diagnosis and management of viral infections.
1.    Safi, S.Z., Badshah,Y., Waheed, Y., Tahir, S., Fatima, K., Shinwari.A., Qadri, I. (2010) Distribution of Hepatitis C Virus Genotypes, Hepatic Steatosis and their Correlation with Clinical and Virological Parameters in Pakistan. Asian Biomedicine. 4 (2).
2.    M. Idress & U. Mussarat & Y. Badshah & R. Qamar & H. Bokhari. (2010)Virulence factors profile of drug-resistant Escherichia coli isolates from urinary tract infections in Punjab, Pakistan. Eur J Clin Microbiol Infect Dis .
3.    Idrees Muhammad, Mussarat Uzma, Badshah Yasmin, Qadir Mehmood, Bokhari Habib1*. (2011). Prevalence of antimicrobial resistance and integrons in escherichia coli from punjab, pakistan. Brazilian Journal of Microbiology (2011) 42: 462-466
4.    Hashaam Akhtar1*, Yasmeen Badshah1, Samar Akhtar2, Naghmana Kanwal1, Maha Nadeem khtar1, Najam us Sahar Sadaf Zaidi1and Ishtiaq Qadri1.(2012). Prevalence of human immunodeficiency virus infection among transgender men in Rawalpindi (Pakistan). Virology Journal 2012, 9:229
Five Year Teaching experience in ASAB National University of Sciences and Technology   (2008-2013)

1.    Molecular techniques in diagnostics

2.    Diagnostics of infectious diseases

3.    Food microbiology