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Healthcare Biotechnology Research Groups

Peter John

Research Interests

We are involved to identify & characterize the genes in certain immunological disorders including Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes type-I & other rare inherited diseases from the Pakistani population. Characterization of genes will open the way to several lines of investigation. The ability to identify mutations would immediately lead to improved molecular diagnosis and counseling. Improved knowledge of the biological mechanisms underlying these disorders will help to decide which genes should be transfected in therapeutic trials.

Dr. Attya Bhatti

Research Interests

  • Identification and Characterization of genes in certain immunological disorders
  • Sequencing and analysis of gene polymorphisms
  • Molecular studies of disease mechanisms,
  • Mechanisms of mutagenesis, and biotechnological applications.  
  • Identification and characterization of susceptible genes will open up ways towards new areas of research. Functional expression of susceptible genes will be analyzed by microarray. The program involves the development of transgenic animals and the understanding of signaling pathways in relation to the pathophysiology and treatment of the disease. Human susceptibility genes identified in association studies will generate new targets for drug development. Additionally, depending on the type of mutation/polymorphism, (gain versus loss of function) different strategies can be used to restore gene function.( agonists/antagonists development).

    Dr. Hajra Sadia

    Research Interests

    Research is mainly focused on cancers with special emphasis on Leukemic cell biology and the development of treatment regimens for different leukemia types. The projects have been designed with the ultimate aim of therapeutic interventions against leukemia through cytokines and RNA interference:

  • Use of cytokines as immune regulators of Leukemia and Neutropenia.
  • Molecular profiling of Acute myeloid leukemia to find out the prevalence of gene translocations and duplications for better diagnosis and prognosis of AML.  
  • Therapeutic modulation of Myeloid Leukemia through RNA interference.
  • Development of vaccine candidates for treatment of cancers.

    Dr. Sobia Manzoor

    Research Interests

  • Molecular Investigation Of Hcv Induced Pathogenesis
  • Factor (GM-CSF) and Hepatitis B Surface Antigen (HBsAg)
  • Dr. Sheeba Murad

    Research Interests

  • Molecular Immunology: Soluble and cell bound factors that help in tumor immune escape (Breast cancer)
  • Immunomodulation of infectious and autoimmune diseases
  • Dr. Touqeer Ahmed

    Research Interest

  • Learning and memory,
  • Alzheimer’s disease,
  • behavior analysis,
  • aging,
  • synaptic plasticity,
  • electrophysiology.
  • We are trying to investigate the cellular and molecular mechanism of memory impairment in Alzheimer’s disease. Using different behavioral assays and gene expression studies in mice model, we are studying the underlying pathophysiological mechanism in learning and memory.