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ASAB Educational Tour to Coronet Foods Pvt Ltd.
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Coronet Foods Pvt Ltd, Haripur
​An educational tour for ASAB students studying Food Analysis was arranged on 5th June,2015  to The Coronet Foods Pvt Ltd, Hattar industrial zone. The visit was aimed at enhancing the knowledge of these students regarding food processing and analysis. The students were accompanied by ASAB faculty members including Dr. Najam us Sahar Sadaf Zaidi, Dr. Amjad Ali and Dr. Abdur Rahman. The visitors were welcomed by the Production manager of Coronet Foods and were provided a guided tour to various units of processing plant and quality assurance laboratories at Coronet Foods Pvt Ltd. The students had a chance to witness various steps in biscuit manufacturing and a number of basic analytical techniques employed in labs. Overall the tour greatly served to expand the knowledge and expertise of the students.