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Dr. Najam Us Sahar Sadaf Zaidi
Associate Professor
Industrial Biotechnology

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
H-12 Sector, Islamabad, Pakistan 44000
Tel : +92-051-9085-6132

Biotechnology / Molecular Biology / Flaviviruses / Avian Influenza Virus

PhD (University of the Punjab Lahore, Pakistan); Post Doctorate: (Virology) France

Dr. Zaidi joined ASAB, NUST in September 2008 as a Post-Doctoral Fellow on a Pak/US grant. She was promoted as an Assistant Professor in April 2010 and appointed as the Head of Department in 2011. Prior to joining NUST, Dr. Zaidi served University of Wah as a Lecturer from 2007 to 2008. Dr. Zaidi earned her PhD from University of the Punjab, Lahore where she worked at School of Biological Sciences (SBS). Her PhD work revolved around molecular cloning, over expression and proteomics studies for cellulase producing bacteria utilized for biofuel production. During her Postdoctoral studies, she worked at the Pastuer Institute, Lille, France for development of Intragenotypic Chimeric Hepatitis C viruses. Dr Zaidi specialises in Biotechnology, Virology, Vaccinology, Molecular Biology,G Engineering and Nanobiotechnology. Dr. Zaidi is running collaborative projects with eminent professors in renowned universities like Rockefeller University, USA; Perdue University, USA; Oxford University, UK; University of Manchester, UK; University of North Carolina, USA and University of Lille II, France.
Research interests encompass both applied and basic research projects regarding Infectious Diseases and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases including HCV, Dengue Virus, Avian Influenza Virus, NDV, etc. The projects have been designed and perceived keeping in mind the goal of understanding viral pathogenesis and development of cell culture based/VLP vaccines. Identifying potential targets for viral inhibition and conduction of pre and post clinical trials is also amongst the prime research interests.

Research Grants:

  1. Cloning and characterisation of full length Dengue virus Genome of Pakistani origin. PSF Grant (PI) PKR 1.9 Million
  2. Design and Development of Water Purification Technologies using Nanotechnology. MoST Grant (PI) PKR 75.0 Million.
  3. Production and Characterization of Cell Culture Derived Virus Like Particles Based Influenza Virus Vaccine. HEC- Pakista​n (PI) PKR 32.0 Million.
  4. PC-I: Strengthening of Biotechnology Center (ASAB) at NUST. (PI) PKR 214 Million
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  • Cell Biology (MPhil Leading to PhD)
  • Phylogeny and Taxonomy of Viruses (UG)
  • Vaccinology (MPhil Leading to PhD)
  • Cellular Signaling Mechanisms (UG)
  • Advances in Molecular Biology (Direct PhD)
  • Biotechnology (Direct PhD)
  • Advances in Biotechnology (Direct PhD)
  • Immunology (UG)
  • Entrepreneurship (UG)
Sep 2000-Apr 2001: Asst Quality Control Manager at AWL (PVT) Rawalpindi

Responsible for the quality control of all the raw material, finished products and equipment in the pharmaceutical laboratory.
Involved in the development of new protocols for the assessment and quantification