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Field Trip to Margalla Green Farm
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Margalla Green Farm
In order to demonstrate practical concepts of sustainable agriculture to the students of ASAB, an educational trip to Margalla Green Farm near Fateh Jang was organised on 9th December, 2015. The visitors included students studying the elective course Sustainable Agriculture as part of their undergraduate degrees. The students were accompanied by ASAB faculty members Dr. Rabia Amir, Dr Tehseen Alam and Mr. Salik Hasan Aslam (course instructor). Margalla Green Farm has greatly enhanced the beauty of village Charrat at Fateh Jang. The farm employs sustainable agriculture practices on previously uncultivated land, hence opening ways for the development of agriculture in the area. The most striking feature of the farm was the highly efficient harvesting of rainwater and its usage for irrigation purposes with minimal energy input. The tour provided the students an excellent learning experience outside the usual study environment of classrooms. This experience enabled them to witness practical application of methods used in agriculture to ensure sustainability and also served to highlight the opportunities that agriculture sector in Pakistan has to offer.