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Dr. Faiza Munir
Assistant Professor
Plant Biotechnology

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
H-12 Islamabad
Tel : +92-051-9085-6146

Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

PhD (Biotechnology, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan)

Dr. Faiza Munir is serving as an Assistant Professor at Atta-ur-Rahman School of Applied Biosciences (ASAB), National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST). 
She received her M.Sc. and M.Phil. degree from Quaid-i-Azam, University, Islamabad, Pakistan. She was awarded Gold medal in the Faculty of Biological Sciences at M.Sc.level,from Quaid-i-Azam University, Pakistan in 2008. She was also awarded a Presidential Medal by the Government of Pakistan for being an outstanding student in Biological Sciences in M.Sc. in 2008. She also received Gold Medal in 2010 at M.Phil. level in the field of Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. She received Certificates of Merit along with Merit Scholarships throughout M.Sc. Botany and M.Phil. Plant Biochemistry and Molecular Biology for securing first position during her degrees. She did her PhD in Biotechnology from Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan in 2015. During her PhD, she worked in The University of Queensland, Australia under the HEC fellowship (2014-2015). Her research focus was to study the regulation of rice germin-like protein gene promoter in response to various plant signaling molecules and fungal infections in genetically engineered potato plants.
1.   Development of transgenic resistance in Solanum tuberosum L. against abiotic stress, by the expression of DREB protein gene. Principal Investigator - NRPU-HEC (2018): PKR 3.137 M
2.   Isolation and characterization of the gene(s) involved in salt-stress signaling in potato. Principal Investigator - SRGP-HEC (2016): PKR 0.5 M 

Research Supervision of Students

​Degree ​Name Research Area-Thesis​
​MS ​Joveria Saleem ​Molecular analysis of salt Stress signaling gene(s) in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) (Completed-2017)
​MS ​Noor-Ul-Saba ​Expression analysis of stress responsive gene(s) in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)
MS​ ​Mueeba Arveen​ ​Research Phase
​BS ​Eman Farrukh ​Identification of drought stress tolerant genes in Solanum tuberosum. (Completed 2018)
​BS ​Bushra Ahmed ​Identification of salt stress responsive gene(s) in Solanum tuberosum. L (Completed 2017)
​B​S ​Areej ​Sohail​ ​Identification of heat stress induced gene(s) in Solanum tuberosum. L (Completed 2017)​

1. Mahmood T, Tahir T, Munir F, Shinwari Z. K (2018) Characterization of regulatory elements in OsRGLP2 gene promoter through sequencing and in silico evaluation in different rice varieties. Computational Biology and Chemistry. 73: 206–212.

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Book Chapters

11. Amir, R., Taufiq, S., Noor, N., Nauman, I., Munir, F., Keyani, R. and Tahir, A.T. Stress Signalling under metal and Metalloid toxicity. Springer Nature, Singapore (In-press) 

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13. Amir, R., Hayat, M., Nauman, I., Khan, M. and Munir, F. Plants adaptive mechanisms under Arsenic Pollution. Springer Japan (In-press)

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