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Plant Biotechnology Research Groups
Currently six research groups are operating in Plant Biotechnology department. The research interests of each group supervisor are mentioned below:
1. Dr. Muhammad Tahir 
2. Dr. Muhammad Qasim Hayat 
3. Dr Alvina Gul Kazi 
4. Dr Nasar-um-Minallah 
5. Dr. Faraz Bhatti

1.    Dr. Muhammad Tahir

The research interests are covering both basic and applied problems in plant virology and plant virus diagnosis.  A main interest is on the tropical plant viruses, plant - virus - vector interactions and specifically the identification and validation of resistant genes by knockdown experiments. Along with, the focus is on begomoviruses diversity, multiple transgenic resistances in significant cash crops and production of antibodies against begomoviruses. Also, efforts are underway to develop strategies for GroEL-a chapronin protein, based transgenic plants.
A curiosity is to standardize a protocol for Agrobacterium mediated wheat/sugarcane transformation and to create transgenic resistance in model plant system targeting Barley yellow dwarf virus, Sugarcane mosaic virus and Citrus tristeza virus. A great intension is the utilization of plant system for the development of vaccines against human viral diseases.    

2.    Dr. Muhammad Qasim Hayat

Research interest includes investigation of  Phylogenetic basis of Himalayan plants, Biogeography, Taxonomy, Bacording, Ethnobotany, Palynology, Biodiversity and conservation. Investigation concerns also cover studies related to Ethno botanical uses of several medicinal plants. Evaluation of secondary Phytoconstituents  and Antimicrobial potential of medicinal plants.

3.    Dr. Alvina Gul Kazi

Expertise in wheat research and production supported by multidisciplinary aspects of the crop’s improvement dependent upon basic, strategic and applied scenarios have provided  grounds to embrace the wheat research in a holistic manner. This expertise allowed the handling of numerous exotic genetic resources since 2005 until the present time. The research findings have been presented at various forums and also published. The current research emphasis and expertise are related to wheat improvement under the following categories: Wheat Wide Crosses / Pre-breeding / Breeding, Conventional and Molecular Cytogenetics, Doubled Haploidy, Tissue culture techniques including immature embryo culture, anther culture etc, Molecular Fingerprinting using PCR based markers, Marker Assisted Selection (MAS), Gene Mapping, Stripe, Leaf and Stem rust screening at seedling and adult plant stage, Karnal bunt screening, Powdery mildew screening at seedling and adult plant stage, Drought, salt and heat screening.

4.    Dr. Nasar-um-Minallah

  • Plant innate immunity,
  • Plant defense signalling mediated by MAPKs,
  • Plant pathogen interaction.
  • 5.    Dr. Faraz Bhatti

  • Biotechnology
  • Fungal Virology