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ASAB Research Projects
ASAB Running Projects
Sr.# ​​​​ ​​Project Title ​​​ ​Name of Principal Investinagtor (PI) ​Starting Date ​ Funding Agency​ Cost in Rs. ​​​
1​ ​​Development of transgenic resistance in Solanum tuberosum L. against abiotic stress, by the expression of DREB protein gene.
​Dr. Faiza Munir ​2018 ​NRPU-HEC
3.137 M​​
​2 ​Evaluation of untapped Anti-inflammatory potential of Natural compounds against Rheumatoid Arthritis ​Dr. Peter John ​2017 ​NRPU-HEC ​5.66 M​​​
​3 ​Sugarcane productivity by development of transgenic virus resistance through expression of hairpinRNA (hpRNA) carrying sugarcane mosaic virus derived sequences ​Dr. Muhammad Tahir ​2017 ​NRPU-HEC ​5.439 M​
​4​ ​Elucidation of potential effects of anti-diabetics and acetylcholine esterase inhibitors: a comparative analysis for combined therapeutic strategic for type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. ​Dr. Saadia Zahid ​2017 ​NRPU-HEC ​2.42 M​​​
​5 ​Analyzing the tumor educated platelets (TEP) as potential Bio-Marker in Molecular Diagnosis of Liver Cancer: A minimally invasive approach alternative to tissue biopsy ​Dr. Sobia Manzoor ​2017 NRPU-HEC​ ​1.86 M​​
​6 ​Designing, Establishment and validation on non-invasive diagnostic Kit of Endemic Viral Infections in Pakistan (TDF) ​​Dr. Sobia Manzoor ​2017​ ​TDF-HEC ​4.21 M
​7 ​Biography and Phyloheny of Western Himaliyan Cyperaceae ​Dr. Qasim Hayat ​2016 ​NRPU-HEC 2.592 M​​​
​8 ​Molecular Characterization miRAs Involved in Anti-HIV Activity for its Therapeutic Implication in Vaccine Development ​Dr. Aneela Javed ​2016 ​NRPU-HEC 4.001 M​​​
​9 ​Analyzing the Natural Anti-HIV Mechanisms for their Therapeutic Implications in Vaccine Development ​Dr. Aneela Javed ​2016 ​NRPU-HEC ​1.978 M
​10 ​Identification And Characterization of Mcoviruses Invading Botrytis Species to Exploit Their Potential as Biocontrol agent ​Dr. Faraz Bhatti ​2016 ​NRPU-HEC ​5.9 M
​11 Development of Vibrio phages Cocktail and it’s Testing in Animal Models ​Dr. Saadia Andleeb ​2016 ​NRPU-HEC ​1.492 M
​12 ​​Multidrug resistant pathogeneses surveillance in Pakistani and US hospitals ​​Dr. Saadia Andleeb ​2015 ​Pak/US ​1.02 M​
13​ ​Analysis of gene variants and investigation of novel prognostic  hast factor targets to predict treatment  response to peg IFN/RBV therapy in HCV infected Pakistani  patents and qualitative and quantitave  modeling of pathway associated with HCV  infection and host immune response ​Dr. Amjad Ali ​2015 ​NRPU-HEC ​2.4 M
​14 ​Panagenome analysis of indigenous multidrug resistant staphylococcus strain and reverse vaccinology approaches to identify potential novel therapeutics u ​Dr. Amjad Ali ​2015 ​NRPU-HEC ​1.9 M
​15 Molecular Screening for Genetic susceptibility of type 2 diabetes in Pakistani population ​Dr. Attya Bhatti ​2015 ​NRPU-HEC ​2.11 M​
List of Interim Placement of Fresh PhDs Programme (IPFP) / Start up Projects
Sr.# ​​​​​ ​​​Project Title Name of Principal Investigator (PI) Starting Date ​Funding Agency​ Cost in Rs.
​1 ​Potent Anti-proliferative, Pro-Proliferative, Pro-Apoptotic Activity of the Taxifolin against Liver Cancer Cells Dr. Maria Shabir​​ 2017​ ​HEC 0.345 M​
​2 ​Silencing of the Antibiotic Resistant Gene MecA IN Staphylococcus Aureus by a Synthetic sRNA Dr. Fazal Adnan​ 2016​ ​HEC ​0.488 M
​3 ​Molecular Surveillance and Risk Factor Evaluation of Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF) in Pakistan ​Dr. Aneela Javed ​2016 ​0.499 M
​4 ​Isolation and characterization of the Genes Involoved in Salt Stress Signaling in Potato Dr. Faiza Munir​ ​2016 HEC​ ​0.455 M
​5 ​Liposomal nano-Constructs as a Macular Degeneration Dr. ShahRukh Abbas​ ​2016 HEC​ 0.415 M​
​6 ​Cloning and Expression of Hepatitis C Virus NS3-4A Protease and Helicase from Pakistani Strain 3a Genotype ​Dr. Attya Bhatti ​2016 ​HEC 0.5 M​
​7​ ​Unraveling Effect of Physiological Factors in Transcription of Genes Involved in Flavonoid Biosynthetic Pathway in Arachis Hypogaea Dr. Rabia Amir​ ​2016 HEC​ 0.445 M​