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Academic Industry Collaboration

ASAB has been successful in developing long sustainable relationships with many international universities and research centers across the globe.

​​​S# University/Institute​ collaboration ongoing with Scientist/Researcher ​Project​​​​​
​1 ​​​​The Rockefeller University USA.​
​Dr. Charles Rice Professor & Scientific and Executive Director Center for the Study of Hepatitis C ​Molecular Biology of HCV 
2​ ​University of Colorado at Denver and Healthcare Sciences Center, Fitzsimons at Aurora, CO USA.  ​Dr. Jerry Schaack, Associate Professor ​Adenoviral mediated gene therapy
​3 ​Institute Pasteur, Lille, France. ​Dr. Jean Dubuisson Professor  ​Adenoviral mediated gene therapy
4​ ​Department of Medicine University of California San Francisco  (UCSF), CA, USA​. ​Dr. SharofTugizov, Associate Professor ​Human Papilloma Virus
5​ ​Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Siseases, University of California. ​Aleem Siddiqui, PhD Professor ​HBV
6​ ​Institute of Molecular Genetics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic(IMG-ASCR), and Prague, Czech Republic. ​Prof. Dr. Vaclav Horejsi Director IMG AS CR,v.v.i. Head, Laboratory of Molecular Immunology. ​Molecular Immunology, Monoclonal Antibodies
7​ ​Institute of Plant Protection Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Beijing, China. ​​1. Prof. Wanquan Chen, Deputy Director General
2. Prof. Dr. Feng Lin Professor​
3. Dr. Kongming Wu Director General
4. Dr. Yulong Zhang President
​Wheat Stripe Rust and identification of the Pathogen Virulence
​8 ​School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science, The University of Manchester. ​Prof Mike Sutcliffe ​Structure & Folding of MAL Protein.
9​ ​Tobacco Research Institute China. ​Dr Yu-He Sun ​Biotechnology and Breeding
10​ ​Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council. ​Dr Khalequzzman A Ch. ​Plant Biotechnology
11​ ​National Institute of Crop Sciences, Univesity of Tsukuba, Japan. ​Setsuko Komastsu ​Crop Sciences
12​ ​University of Manchester UK. ​Dr. Philip J Day ​Omics research
13​ ​Purdue University, USA. ​Richard J. Kuhn, Professor ​Dengue Virus research
14​ ​Purdue University, USA. ​Suresh K. Mittal, DVM, MS, PhD ​Influenza Virus Research
15​ ​Cornell University, USA. ​Dr W. Wilson ​Enzyme production
​16 ​University of Giessen, Germany. ​Prof. Elena Hackenberg ​Bacterial gene expression/regulation
17​ ​CRI,  Paris Descartes University, France. ​Dr. Edwin Wintermute ​Synthetic biology