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Research Innovation
‘Bioscience’ is a diverse, inter-disciplinary and topical subject which contributes much to health and wealth worldwide. Our research focuses on the application of human and molecular biology to offer solutions and opportunities within the biological, chemical and microbial sciences. Our specialized faculty and well equipped labs offers you flexible learning and progression at a study pace which best suits you. 

The Atta ur Rahman School of Applied Biosciences (ASAB) aims to investigate various fields of research including various genetic/infectious diseases, development of new sustainable approaches to the generation of novel therapeutics, enzymes, chemicals and the modification of plants for better production of plant products. In order for this to be realized in the future, the three biotechnology departments will need to contribute to the following:

New approaches to support the application of whole cell and enzymatic systems to the production of high-value chemicals (including recombinant DNA biologics and antimicrobial compounds), industrial chemicals and platform chemicals. Proposals should involve the application of systems and synthetic biology approaches to reach these goals. They may also include the incorporation of existing approaches drawn from other disciplines such as chemistry, engineering and material sciences.

Innovative approaches to develop new biocatalytic entities and pathways, (for example in the production of specific chemicals from biomass through novel pathways and prevention of the inactivation of the biocatalyst/pathway by toxic products).

New approaches to increase the production of high value chemicals from microbes and to improve their "processability", with a particular focus on the translation of fundamental microbial science.