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Supply Chain Expert Certificate Workshop FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:  

Who should attend?

The ideal candidate should have these qualities
1. Be motivated to learn about supply chain management
2. Formal or informal Job experience is always better. Your experience may           be related to following areas.
a. Supply Chain management
b. Inventory manager
c. Procurement Specialist
d. Warehouse manager
e. Production manager
f. Supplier Relationship Manager
g. Commodities Trader
h. ERP & MIS managers

What is unique about this workshop?

1. Certificate from the best university of Pakistan which enhances your                  credentials
2. Contents is in alignment with CSCP exam. 
3. Ideally suited for the busy working executive.
4. The only CSCP certified trainers with vast experience of conducting supply         chain trainings & workshops.
5. Online exam simulator for CSCP exam preparation.

What are the benefits for my organization?

This workshop is the first step towards developing mastery in supply chain.  This workshop will enable you to:
1. Improve vendor relationship
2. Reduce inventory shortages and mistakes
3. Creating a balance between supply & demand.
4. Improving customer experience
5. Streamlining process flows
a. Learn about the latest industry trends. 

What is the schedule?

The workshop is designed for weekend only. Starting on Saturday the 12th October, 2109, the workshop is going to be conducted on alternate weekends. Each gap weekend will be dedicated for personal reading & assignments.

Where can I register?

The candidate must register at the link provided on the NUST Business School website including payment information

Account Number         :       0011000125422 
Title of account           : NBS Short Courses Account 
Bank Name                :    Askari Commercial Bank, AWT Plaza,
                                        Mall Road, Rawalpindi.


APICS (formerly American Production & Inventory Control Society and now Association for Supply Chain Management ASCM) is the world’s foremost body for the standardization and propagation of supply chain management and related field. They offer several certifications for industry professionals and CSCP is one of them. Recently Supply Chain Council (SCC) & American Association for Transport & Logistics (ASTL) have also merged with APICS, making it even more comprehensive and affective.

About CSCP?

Many professionals have Supply chain management experience but do not have the credentials to verify this fact. The credential can be in the form of a degree or a professional certification. CSCP is the premiere certification for professionals around the world administered by APICS. This is no ordinary local certification. This is recognized globally. Just search the Internet about CSCP and see its popularity and demand. CSCP holders easily get better salaries (20-25% increase) then their non certified contemporaries. All over the world including USA, Middle East, Europe, Singapore and even in Pakistan, the requirement for CSCP is becoming a must for mid level and senior level jobs. 

Will I get a CSCP certification after the workshop? 

You will get a Supply Chain Expert certificate from NUST Business School that you have completed the training..

How do I get a CSCP certification?

You need to clear the 3 ½ hour MCQ based exam. It is a Multiple Choice Questions MCQ based exam with 150 questions to be attempted in three and half hours. This exam is held at PEARSON VUE testing centers around the world. The result is available immediately after the exam. The exam can be attempted anytime of the year. In Pakistan these centers are located in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. We suggest that you attempt the exam only when you are ready and prepared for it.

What are the pre-requisites for CSCP certification?

To be eligible for CSCP certification, you must have   
a. 3 years of related business experience OR
b. Bachelor’s degree* (i.e. in Pakistan a degree program that entails 4 years of education after FSc or A level)  OR
c. APICS CPIM, CFPIM, CIRM, SCOR-P, C.P.M., CSM or CPSM designations