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Students Achievements

Philip Morris International- INKOMPASS GLOBAL INCHALLANGE 2017

Phillip Morris International (PMI) holds awareness session for the program every year in NUST. NUST students are guided by the PMI team on the application process and selection steps.

INKOMPASS is a unique 2 cycle Internship at PMI which enables students to discover themselves through challenges and cultural diversity. This internship program is open to 2nd year students. It is a four step process; online application, online 20 minutes test, assessment center and final selection. It is a global program and is run across PMI operation countries in the world.

Our student, Hamza Arshad of BS Accounting & Finance (Batch 2K14) got selected in INKOMPASS Program in year 2016 after rigorous testing and efforts. He served as an Intern for 6 weeks in their corporate office, Karachi. Based upon his hard work and competitive evaluation, he was selected for the 2nd cycle of internship for year 2017. He was given Level 2 tasks as an Intern and also went for market visits with Sales Teams. By looking at his tremendous performance, positive approach and analytical skills, he was nominated and selected for PMI INKOMPASS Global INCHALLANGE 2017 to be held in PMI Headquarters, Switzerland from 18th till 22nd September, 2017. 500+ interns contested for the INCHALLANGE nomination from across the globe. 

INCHALLANGE is a platform that tests interns’ talents and wits against their peers in a live business environment, on a global level. It’s a race of the great minds where each one is unique; each one is worth competing with. This year, 24 chosen INKOMPASS interns from across the globe got cracking on a business case and pitched live to the top brass of PMI in Switzerland. They are formed into teams along with PMI employees.

We are very proud to announce that Hamza and his team banged the 1st Prize in the PMI INKOMPASS Global INCHALLANGE 2017 in Switzerland. His team member was an intern from Mexico along with four PMI Employees. It was a rigorous exercise of a week followed by market research and study. They presented their case study on business transformation and its impact on the world.

It is a moment of joy, pride and honor for the school and his faculty for such an esteemed representation on a global level.​ 


Uone is a Pakistani GSM cellular service provider. It was the third mobile operator to enter Pakistani market to provide cellular services and has now advanced into internet services after 3G/4G license.

Ufone has launched its flagship Summer Internship Program, SIP since the past 2 years. Ufone HR teams conduct Internship drives to find talented and intellectually bright individuals for their real-time on-going projects. They have programmed a complete journey; finalizing more exciting, refined, and intellectually challenging projects for their future interns coupled with many technical / soft skills trainings and workshops.

 Like every year, Ufone SIP Team visited 13 Top universities of Pakistan and 886 students registered and participated in the online test. 636 students cleared the test and after reviewing their profiles and initial screening only 115 students made their way to the final interview round with HR and functional Managers. Finally, 41 interns were selected across Pakistan to work on 41 live projects in SIP, 17.  

From amongst the 41 interns, 18 were from NUST and 8 were from NUST Business School. They were strategically placed in various departments like Marketing, HR, Contracts & Procurement, Finance, Sales etc. They were all given very challenging projects and were put under Line Managers for overall functional, technical and social evaluation.

With great pride and proud, we are pleased to inform that our student, Ms. Yumna Dar of BS Accounting & Finance (Batch 2K14) was announced as the Best Intern of Ufone SIP’17. The ceremony took place in Ufone Tower, Islamabad in the presence of Ufone Senior Management, Senior Management of participating Universities, Guests from Academia and Interns. Ms. Dar served the Contracts & Procurement Department and proved herself to be a very devoting and valuable resource for the department. Her hardwork and dedication on job was much appreciated by the line manager and HR department.​