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Who can contribute/donate for the scholarship?

Anyone can contribute i.e existing students, their families, their friends, alumni, alumni colleagues/institutions etc.

What is the minimum or maximum amount of donation?

You can contribute Rs 1 or Rs 1 million. We have not defined any limit and we highly value each donation irrespective of the amount.

What is the account number of the NASP Scholarship?

The Scholarship has a dedicated account in Habib Bank Ltd, NUST Branch, Sector H-12 Account number: 2292-70001623-03

 Who runs NASP Scholarship?

It is a volunteer activity. All the volunteer activities are directed by M. Junaid Khan on voluntary basis. We welcome volunteers into the club.

Who are the signatories of the NASP Account?

We have two joint signatories to the account:
  • Mr. M Junaid Khan (President Alumni Scholarship)
  • Col Naeem Kiyani (NBS Administration)

No amount can be withdrawn without the signatures of both individuals. This ensures a check and balance mechanism for both NBS and Alumni.

Can you hand over cash or bank draft to any member of Alumni Scholarship?

We highly discourage it and we would appreciate direct deposit in the NASP account to ensure transparency in the whole process. However, a cross cheque in the name of NASP can be collected for onward deposit in the account by the designated members of the group.

What is the value of the scholarship?

The value of the scholarship will vary from 20% up to 85% of the tuition fee for the semester.

How are students paid?

The scholarship disbursement process has evolved over time. Initially, payments were directly made to students before the start of the semester. In some cases deserving students were also paid back the promised scholarship fees, once we had enough money in the scholarship account. However, now Payments are only made to the university directly.

Does the scholarship need to be returned?

Any funding received by the student is to be returned in 10 years time after the award of the scholarship. The amount is to be deposited in the NBS Alumni Scholarship account at HBL and the university and Alumni Committee should be informed of the same.

What is the current balance of the NASP Scholarship account?

We will share the current balance of the NASP from time to time on the NBS Scholars club website after confirming it from NUST accounts department.

Can a student receive scholarship for more than one semester?

The scholarships are initially given for one semester only. However, a student can apply on need basis for continuation of scholarship over the years.

Do you have any website?

Yes, you can find the details of the scholarship
The Facebook group titled NBS Scholars Club has been created to bring together all the volunteers of the scholarship program.

Do you share the details of the donors?

All information regarding the donors is kept strictly confidential and can only be shared upon donor’s request.

Do you disclose the details of the recipient?

No. The details of the scholarship recipient are kept strictly confidential. We only disclose specific information to specific donors about the recipient of their donations.