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IT Services

Information Technology Services (ITS) at NBS helps  to maintain a secure infrastructure to actively support our missions in teaching, learning and research. It provides a broad range of services to the students, faculty and staff of NBS, including: 

  • ​​Support for LAN comprising Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Window 2012 server R2, Windows 2008 server providing account authentication, file storage, network printing, web page and e-mail. 
  • All the computer labs of NBS.
  • Round the clock internet access to all the students, faculty and researchers
  • Wi-Fi network across the campus
  • NUST/NBS domain based email accounts to students & faculty
  • Essential help desk and core desktop support services including configuration and installation of                                software, troubleshooting of hardware and software issues.
  • Audio/Video equipment of all classrooms ,  Lecture & Seminar Halls.
  • Video conferencing
  • Website management & updation.
  • IP security cameras and SMS service.
  • Dream spark account for Microsoft products for students, faculty & labs staff.
  • Access to electronic resources (or e-resources)​