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Student/Professional Exchange Program

Students’ Foreign Internships & Exchange Program

Students’ Particulars

Name​ of Progra​m

Internship Duration/ Duration of exchange program

Country & City (where internship was performed)

Roles & responsibilities

Summary of Tour

Ms. Zahra Belal-BS Economics 2k8

Korean Government Invitation Program 2012

8th July 2012 to 22nd July 2012

Republic of Korea: Inchoen, Seoul, Jecheon, Andong, Pohang and Geongju

Represented Pakistan among 19 different countries

Visited Korea, got familiarized with its culture, history, society and geography. Also experienced a home stay a Korean Family for two nights.

Anum Sarwar -BBA-2K9 S

Where It all begins, AIESEC Alexandria, EGYPT

6 Weeks

Egypt, Alexandria

Networked with the local l people trying to understand the culture

Created a blog about the local experiences

Devised marketing plan for promotion of the project

Developed a pamphlet about “Experience Egypt”

Where it all begins a cultural exchange program where we created a marketing plan and devised the promotional strategy. Afterward we traveled across Egypt and blogged about our experience which was published in local news paper as well as a pamphlet. Initially we were given basic Arabic classes, and then we attended workshops on Egyptian culture, art. Later a workshop on how to develop our writing skills for blog. Likewise a photography workshop was also arranged. The we traveled to Cairo, luxor , Aswaan, Siwa , Dahab,Ras Sadar and Sinai to develop our blog.

Moreover attended a conference for Internees.

Muneeb Ur Rehman- BBA-2K8

MySelf MyWorld

11th June 2011 to 26th July 2011

Istanbul, Turkey

Represented Pakistan in a Team of 70 Interns from 35 Different countries

Gave Presentations about Pakistan in Educational Institutes and Istanbul Chamber of Commerce

Conducted Trainings on different Soft Skills for Local Turkish Children

Designed a detailed Teaching Manual to be used in Local Schools

Zahra Shah- BBA-2K8 B


6 Weeks


Marketing Head For Promoting Cloud Computing Project At Isys Telecom In Kuwait

A good learning experience which helped us in application of he concepts we learned, to professional life.

Muhammad Umer Farooq - BBA-2K9 S

Every Child is ours

6 – 8 Weeks


To work with others in grooming and providing teaching facilities to students

Got to know about International working atmosphere and interacting with people of more than 22 countries gave me opportunity to work with them in a team

Aneeqa Lareb - BBA-2K9 F B

AIESEC Summer Exchange

6 – 8 Weeks

Cairo, Egypt

I taught English to the students at Gego Sada Nursery.

I arrived Egypt on 30th June 2012 and started my work right after. Apart from teaching at the nursery, I helped managing the voluntary work of Ramadan packages distribution at Emaar Misr Corporate Offices. I also worked at an Orphanage Foundation as a helper.

Muhammad Ghufran - MBA 2K10-12 (currently taking classes with MBA2K11-A)

Wuhan University of Technology

December 2011 to August 2012

China, Wuhan

Worked at Wuhan University of Technology for International office.  I was responsible for the management of international student’s affairs. Served as executive in communication department. Duties involved writing notices regarding any news concerning foreign students. Compiling the record of new students. Calling new students to ask for their joining date and Flight information, to make arrangement for their residence in the university dormitory(There were around 1000 foreign students in the university and last year 423 foreign students joined the university from all over the world) . Worked with Chinese cultural exchange association to organize many events such as Cultural exhibition Wuhan University of Technology 2012

Stayed in Wuhan, China from 16 September 2011 to 8 September 2012 in Wuhan University of Technology from Cultural Exchange program