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Dr. Zahid Irshad Younas (HEC Pakistan – Approved PhD Supervisor)
Assistant Professor
Finance & Investment

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
NUST Business School, H-12 Sector, Islamabad
Tel : +92-51-9085

Banking and Finance, Corporate Finance, Financial Economics, Investment and Portfolio Management, Financial Risk Management and Business Accounting.

PhD Finance (Germany), MS Banking and Financial Economics (GCU Lahore), MSc Banking and Finance (GCU Lahore), MA Economics (PU Lahore) and B.COM (Hailey College of Commerce).

Zahid Irshad Younas holds a Ph.D. specializing in Finance from University of Kassel, Germany. His fields of interest vary from corporate governance, sustainability, default risk, ownership structure, banking related issues to stock market volatility. He also taught various Masters and MS courses at department of economics, GC University Lahore from 2008 to 2014. He also published research papers in national and international research journals. He is from a finance, banking and financial economics background with a strong interest in quantitative research and a passion towards contribution in scientific research.

Awards and Recognitions 

  • Obtained scholarship from NUST for PhD in Germany in 2014.

  • Ex-Lecturer of Accounting and Finance (2008-2014) at department of Economics GCU Lahore.

  • Lecturer in visiting under the chair of Corporate Finance at Kassel University Germany 2015-2017.​

NEWS Articles 

  • ​​​​

    Corporate Governance, Sustainability, Financial Markets, Ownership structures, Banks and Capital Markets.

  • Younas, Z, Klein, C & Zwergel, B (2017). The Effects of Ownership Concentration on Sustainability: A Case of Listed Firms From USA, UK and Germany. Corporate Ownership & Control, 14, pp.113-121.
  • Ashfaq, K., Younas, Z.I., and Mehmood, B. (2014).Impact of Ownership Structure on Default Risk: A Case of Banking Sector of Paksitan. Corporate Ownership and Control vol 11 issue 2.
  • Younas, Z.I., Velte, P., and Ashfaq, K. (2014). Audit Pricing in China and Pakistan; A Comparative Review of Audit Practices. Journal of Accounting and Management Information system vol 13 (1) pp 98-110.
  • Mehmood, B., Younas, Z.I., and Shahid, A. (2014). Aviation demand as covariate of economic growth in Bangladesh: cointegration estimation and causality analysis. International. Journal of Economics and Empirical Research vol 2 (8) pp 301-307.
  • Younas, Z.I., Farooq, U. and Nasir, A. (2013). Exchange rate and stock market volatility: A Case of Paksitan. Journal of Business Administration and Management Sciences Research vol 2 (8) pp 187-190.
  • Mehmood, B., Younas, Z.I, and Nisar, A. (2013). Macroeconomic and Bank Specific Co-Variates of Non Performing Loans in Pakistani Commercial Banks Panel Data Evidence. Journal of Emerging Economies and Islamic Research Vol.1, No. 3.
  • Mehmood, B., Shahid A., and Younas, Z.I. (2013). Interdependencies Between Aviation Demand and Economic Growth in India: Cointegration Equation Estimation. Economic Affairs Vol 58 Issue 4, 337.
  • Younas, Z.I., Siddiqi, W., Sarwar, S.  (2012). Dividend is a Subsitute or an Outcome of Auditor Monitoring? Another Evidence. Journal of Global Economy Vol.8, No. 2. 
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  • Younas, Z.I., Siddiqi, W., Saeed. A and Mehmood, B, (2011). Relationship between Corporate Governance and Default Risk: Empirical Evidence from Pakistan. Interdisciplinary Journal Of Contemporary Research In Business, Vol. 3, No. 2. 
  • Younas, Z.I., Siddiqi, W., (2011). Who Drives Whom? Mutual Funds Vs Stock Market.  Journal of Global Economy, Vol.7, No. 4.
  • Younas, Z.I., Mehmood, B., Ilyas, A., Bajwa, H, A. (2012). Corporate Governance Mechanism and Firm Performance as Determinants of CEO Compensation: A Panel Data Analysis of Pakistani Listed Companies. Journal of Global Economy Vol.8, No. 4.  
  • ​Other Publications​​: