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About Department

The continuous shifts in today’s business environment affect a company’s ability to keep pace with the ever changing and dynamic nature of the market conditions. Businesses today realize the need for not only acquiring the best talent for organizational success, but also for developing that talent for the future by transforming their human resources into a competitive and success factor. The role of Human Resource Management is more important than ever in this endeavour, as in the light of depleting tangible resources, companies now compete on the basis of a skilled workforce that provide it a competitive advantage, ingenious ideas, sound implementation of strategies and maintenance of good relations with the environment in which they operate. Studying HRM not only helps students develop critical reasoning skills related to employee management and development but also trains them to integrate financial, economic as well as operational factors into their HR decision making process. Effectively managing the multi-faceted aspects which lie in the domain of human resources in an organization, (through investing in the labour force, creating sound policies, and adopting technological systems), leads to the successful execution of organizational strategies which translates into attractive financial gains and long-term growth for the company.