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Dr. Adeel Tariq
Assistant Professor
Management & HR

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
NUST Business School, H-12 Sector, Islamabad
Tel : +92-51-90853226

Innovation and Technology Management

Ph.D. (Innovation and Technology Management), Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand. MBA (Management), Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand. MBA (Risk Management), Hailey College of Banking and Finance, Pakistan.

Dr. Adeel Tariq is an enthusiastic academician with considerable teaching and research experience in higher education. He has a strong interest in teaching Management of Innovation, Managing Technology for Competitiveness and Business Ethics and CSR. His research mainly focuses on Green Product and Process Innovation, Open Innovation, New Product Development, Innovative work Behavior, Firm life Cycle, Organizational Capabilities, and Intellectual Capital. He has published paper in internationally recognised journals such as Journal of Intellectual Capital and European Journal of Innovation Management.

During his Ph.D. life, he has represented Asian Institute of Technology at several International forums such as 2017, Youth Leadership Program on Sustainable Development – Yogyakarta, Indonesia, and 2015 ProSPER.Net Leadership Programme - Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.  Moreover, his corporate experience as a consultant has provided him with an in-depth understanding and knowledge of managing several projects financing.​​​

Dr. Adeel Tariq's research interests include Green Product and Process Innovation, Open Innovation, New Product Development, Innovative work Behavior, Firm life Cycle, Organizational Capabilities, Intellectual Capital, and Firm's Financial Performance. Dr. Adeel has published papers in internationally recognised journals. 

  • Adeel Tariq, Yuosre Badir, Supasith Chonglerttham, (2019) "Green innovation and performance: moderation analyses from Thailand", European Journal of Innovation Management, (Article in the press), (Impact Factor: 1.385)
  • Tariq, Adeel, et al. "Drivers and consequences of green product and process innovation: A systematic review, conceptual framework, and future outlook." Technology in Society 51 (2017): 8-23. ESCI​
  • Dost, Mir, et al. "The impact of intellectual capital on innovation generation and adoption." Journal of Intellectual Capital 17.4 (2016): 675-695, (Impact Factor: 3.634)

Non-Peer Reviewed Papers/Reports

  • ​​Eliza​beth​ J. Taylor, et al. “Transformational leadership in the promotion of sustainable practices: A case study of the Palace Hotel, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.” ProSPER.Net Leadership Programme (2015). 
  • Conferences

    Dr. Umar Safdar, Dr. Bilal Afsar, Adeel Tariq. Ethical Leadership and Innovative Behaviour. “Academy of Management Proceedings, 2018 (1), Chicago, USA”.

    Dr. Adeel Tariq has teaching experience in both Pakistan and abroad. He has taught courses at different levels such as BBA, MBA, and EMBA. He has mainly taught following courses:

  • Business Ethics and CSR
  • Managing Technology for Competitiveness
  • International Business and Trade
  • Financial Markets and Institutions 
  • Nov 2016 - Dec 2018:

    Dr. Adeel Tariq has worked as consultant with AIT Solutions, Bangkok Thailand from November 2016 to December 2018. During this time, he was engaged in managing several projects financing and he was also involved in accounting software development and implementation.

    June 2013 - July 2013:

    Dr. Adeel Tariq has worked with Korea Water Resource Corporation on a project related to “Analysis of the Political, legal, and Institutional conditions for K Water Entrance and Development in Pakistan” at Daejeon, South Korea. 

    2008 to May 2009:

    Dr. Adeel also worked with Takaful Pakistan Limited as Management Trainee Officer from December 2008 to May 2009.