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Dr. Ayesha Abrar
Assistant Professor
Management & HR

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
NUST Business School, H-12 Sector, Islamabad
Tel : +92-51-90853207

Gender and Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial learning and dynamic capabilities, creative industries

Ph.D Entrepreneurship (Essex Business School, University of Essex, UK) M.Sc Economics, University of Peshawar

Dr. Ayesha has over 13 years of experience as an academician. She earned her doctoral degree from Essex Business School, University of Essex UK. She joined NUST Business School in July 2018. Prior to that she was serving at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University Peshawar as Assistant Professor, teaching subjects of Economics & Management Sciences.

Dr. Ayesha also has teaching experience at Essex Business School and worked as Research Assistant at International Centre for Entrepreneurship Research (ICER), The Venture Academy at Essex Business School. She has also delivered several training, talks and seminars on various areas of qualitative research methods and entrepreneurship, Referencing and Endnote and soft skills. She has also been actively organizing such training sessions, seminars and workshops that encompass the areas such as qualitative research, developing soft skills, employability skills and career progression and women entrepreneurship summit.

Dr. Ayesha’s areas of research interests include Entrepreneurship, particularity entrepreneurial learning and development of dynamic capabilities in relation to gender and creative industries. Her doctoral research explored the role of learning in growth aspirations and emerg​ence of dynamic capabilities of the women entrepreneurs in creative industries in the UK. Following are her current research interests:

  • ​Entrepreneurial learning
  • Entrepreneurial knowledge
  • Gender and entrepreneurship
  • Creative Industries
  • Cultural Economics
  • Consumer and producer behavior
  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship Education
  • Economics of Knowledge
  • Human resource management
  • Behavioral Economics
  • ​Apart from classroom teaching, Dr. Ayesha has also made contribution to knowledge stream through various avenues that include delivering training sessions, seminars, publishing of research articles, organizing various workshops, seminars & talks and supervising students in thesis / research projects at Ph.D, M.Phil , Masters and Bachelors level.

    1. Gohar, M,  Basit, A, and Abrar, A, (In Press) “Growth Aspirations of Pukhtoon Women Entrepreneurs in the Household Context” FWU Journal of Social Science, (X Category Journal)

    2. Farman, H, 1.  Gohar, M,  Basit, A, and Abrar, A, (2018) “Socio-Economic Obstacles Towards Women Economic Empowerment in Peshawar, Pakistan” International Journal of Business Studies Review Vol 3 No 1

    3. Abrar, A, Gohar, M,  Basit, A, and Junaid, M (2016) “Integrating Grounded Theory And Narrative Analysis For Understanding Entrepreneurial Learning Of Creative Women Entrepreneurs”  Journal of Management Research Vol 2, Issue 2, July-Dec 2016.

    4. Abrar, A, Gohar,M,  Basit, A, and Junaid, M (2016) “Locating The Origin and Role of Entrepreneur in Economic Theories”  Journal of Management Research Vol 2, Issue 2, July-Dec 2016.

    5. Yasmeen, M , Gohar, M, Syed, S , Abrar, A, and  Basit, A (2017) Finding the Association: Impact of Business and Management Studies on Students’ Intentions to Become an Entrepreneur. International Journal of Business Studies Review, Vol 1 No 1 (2016)

    6. Gohar, M and Abrar, A (2016), “Embedded or Constrained? Informal Institutional Influences on Women Entrepreneurship Development in Pukhtoon Culture” FWU Journal of Social Science, Vol.10, No.2, (X Category Journal)

    Under Review

    1. ​Gohar. M and Abrar A (Under Review), Impact of Terrorism on Entrepreneurial Activities in Peshawar: A Qualitative Case Study: Entrepreneurship Research Journal

    2. Asfandyar, Khan Z, Abrar A and Gohar M. (under review), Economic Development in FATA- The local, National and International Perspectives, The Dialogue​

    Dr. Ayesha has teaching experience of over 13 years.  She has taught at all levels of higher education including Ph.D, M.Phil, Masters and Bachelors. She has also developed and drafted course content for these levels. She has been teaching following courses as part of faculty at NUST and other institutes:

  • Essays In Microeconomic Analysis
  • Advanced Research Techniques I (qualitative research)
  • Advanced Microeconomic Theory
  • Research methods and techniques
  • Business Research Methods
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • Consumer Behavior 
  • Monetary Economics
  • Islamic Banking and Finance
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Human Resource Management
  • International Economics
  • Mathematical Economics

  • Incharge, Department of Management Sciences, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University Peshawar, Pakistan (November 2016 - July 2018)
  • Incharge, Department of Economics, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University Peshawar, Pakistan (December 2012 - September 2014)
  • Assistant Editor FWU Journal of Social Sciences (September 2014- September 2016)
  • Editorial Board Member International Journal of Management Academy (IJOMA)
  • Research Assistant and Conference Administrator for International Centre for Entrepreneurship Research (ICER), The Venture Academy,  University of Essex, UK