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Dr. Muhammad Naseer Akhtar | Head of Research | Editor-in-Chief NUST Business Review (NBR) | HEC– Approved Ph.D Supervisor
Assistant Professor
Management & HR

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
NUST Business School, H-12 Sector, Islamabad
Tel : +92-51-90853217
Email :,  (for inquiries about NBR)

Organizational Change, Organizational Psychology, Career Development, Employee-Employer Relations, Employees Attitudes and Behaviors, Psychological Contracts, Sensemaking, Social Exchange, High-Performance Work Systems (HPWS), HCWS, Employee Engagement an

PhD Business Administration (2012-15) HUST School of Management  Huazhong University of Science & Technology, Wuhan – PR China.  MA Management (2007-09) Chester Business School (University of Chester, United Kingdom)

Dr. Muhammad Naseer Akhtar has graduated with PhD Business Administration from HUST School of Management, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan – PR China in November 2015.

His professional career spans over 15 years, during which period he has gained considerable experience working in banking industry, international education management (student recruitment, international academic partnerships, accreditation programs etc.), teaching and research across different countries (i.e. United Kingdom, Lithuania, Hungary, Cyprus, PR China, and Indonesia).

Actively providing consulting services to number of organizations in Pakistan. As a Change Management Consultant, and Workplace Insights Analyst Dr. Naseer Akhtar aggregates data to tell stories. Having worked in Industrial-Organizational Psychology research center at Huazhong University of Science & Technology, Wuhan – PR China, he helps to facilitate and promote meaningful changes for employees and their employers.

If you have any questions regarding research, supervision, expertise, teaching, and consulting, please feel free to contact:

My research interests consist of employee sense-making, and social perspective based on social exchanges for employees-employer relations in organizations. Similarly, I conduct research on employees in three major areas: organizational change and strategy, employees’ attitude and behavior, and psychological contracts. First stream of research focuses on, organizational change and employee relations, examines the employees’ perspective through the lens of sense-making of post-major organizational change time and its effects on employees’ behavioral responses, with a primary focus on how being perceived as an underdog can influence the energy and effort that employees have invested be influenced by post organizational change impact. Second research area, employee behavior and psychological contracts, examines the central interest that how employees behave positively and negatively during and after major organizational changes and how their psychological contracts are influenced i.e. perceived fulfillment of organizational obligations.

I am a quantitative researcher, and always enthusiastic about new research collaborations. Accepting PhD & MS HRM/Management students.


  • Muhammad Naseer Akhtar, Matthijs Bal, Lirong Long (2016) Exit, Voice, Loyalty, and Neglect reactions to Organizational Change: A sense-making perspective through the lens of the psychological contract. Employees Relations Vol. 38 (4). Emerald Publishing Group. SSCI, [Impact Factor= 1.496] (ABS 2*) doi:10.1108/ER-03-2015-0048. (First and Corresponding Author)
  • J Zhang, Muhammad Naseer Akhtar, Matthijs Bal, Y Zhang, U Talat, (2018) When and Why Does High-Performance Work Systems Affect Individual-Level Outcomes? A Multilevel Perspective. Frontiers in Psychology. No. 1 top most cited journal in psychology. SSCI [Impact Factor=2.089] doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2018.00586
  • L Si, W Liu, P Zhang, Y Han, Muhammad Naseer Akhtar (2018) Exploring the Role of Moral Disengagement in the Link between Perceived Narcissistic Supervision and Employees’ Organizational Deviance. Asian Journal of Social Psychology: Wiley Publishers. SSCI [Impact Factor = 1.0] doi:10.1111/ajsp.12323
  • Junwei Zhang, Matthijs Bal, Muhammad Naseer Akhtar, Lirong Long (2018) HighPerformance Work Systems and Employee Performance: The Role of Employee Thriving and Proactive Personality. Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources, Wiley Publishers. SSCI, [Impact Factor= 1.163] (ABS 2*). doi:10.1111/1744-7941.12199
  • Muhammad Arshad, Muhammad Naseer Akhtar, Usman Talat, Chuanmin, James C., Hyatt (2019) Specific HR Practices and Employee Commitment: The Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction. Employee Relations, Vol.41(3), Emerald Publishing Group. SSCI, [Impact Factor= 1.496] (ABS 2*) doi:10.1108/ER-03-2018- 0074 (Corresponding Author)
  • Junwei Zhang, Muhammad Naseer Akhtar, Yajun Zhang, Yasin Rofcanin (2019) HighCommitment Work Systems and Employee Voice: A Multi-Level Perspective. Employee Relations Vol. 41 (4). Emerald Publishing Group. SSCI, [Impact Factor= 1.496] (ABS 2*)
  • Junwei Zhang, Muhammad Naseer Akhtar, Yajun Zhang (2018) Perceived Overqualification and Cyberloafing: The Examination of a Dual-Pathway Model. Internet Research. SSCI, Emerald Publishing Group. SSCI, [impact factor = 4.109] doi:10.1108/INTR-10-2018-0469
  • Ambreen Malik, Muhammad Naseer Akhtar, Usman Talat, Kirk Chang (2019) Transformational Changes and Sustainability: From the Perspective of Identity, Trust, Commitment, and Withdrawal. Sustainability Vol. 11 (11) doi:10.3390/su11113159 [Published 05 June 2019]. SSCI, [impact factor = 2.592]

    Submitted/Under Review

  • Junwei Zhang, Yajun Zhang, Muhammad Naseer Akhtar, Matthijs Bal (2019) Responsible Leadership and Employees’ Workplace Green Behavior: The Examination of a Dual-Pathway Model. Journal of Environmental Psychology. [Accepted with Major Revision]. SSCI, [impact factor = 3.626]


    Dr. Naseer Akhtar’s teaching at NUST Business School is based on sound pedagogy, and informed by latest thinking in HRM research as well as his engagement with industry. A staunch believer in inclusivity and considers students to be at the heart of learning. Hence, he is continuously seeking ways to enhance his professional practice in order to enrich students’ learning experiences and transform understanding.

  • Change Management (EMBA, MBA, MS HRM)
  • Human Resource Management (EMBA)
  • Research Methods for Business (MS HRM, MS L&SCM, PhD Business Administration)
  • Advanced Quantitative Methods (PhD Business Administration)

    Dr. Muhammad Naseer Akhtar has worked in number of industries before joining NUST Business School. Started his career with MCB Bank Limited then later moved to Bank Alfalah Limited. After serving banking industry for three years, travelled to UK and graduated his MA Management from Chester Business School – University of Chester, United Kingdom. Upon his return from UK, joined School of Management Studies – The University of Faisalabad as Lecturer/MBA Program Leader till 2010. In year 2010, set up IVS Consulting to provide education consultancy services and has worked with number of reputable universities and colleges from UK, Europe, and Asia.

    Dr. Naseer has initiated and arranged many international academic partnership programs with number of universities from UK, Europe, and Asia and during this period and served as an International Academic Partnership Adviser to Mykolo Romero University (MRU) – Lithuania and some other universities.

    Management & HR Consulting

  • Completed a project for Chenab Engineering Works and Foundries Pvt. Limited, Faisalabad–Pakistan. The project is to set up a new HR department for this manufacturing firm from scratch.
  • Completed a research based consulting project titled, “Employee outlook: Engagement, Satisfaction, and Wellbeing at work” with Adidas contracting firm Forward Gear Pvt. Limited. I have developed a new comprehensive tool to effectively measure Employee Outlook (based on 19 critical variables and extensive details about demographic information of individual employees).