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Dr. Mehwish Iftikhar
Assistant Professor
Management & HR

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
NUST Business School, H-12 Sector, Islamabad
Tel : +92-51-90853228

Human Resource Management and General Management

Ph.D in Business Administration. University Malaya, Malaysia.

Ms. ​Mehwish Iftikhar has done Fsc (General Science group) with distinction and secured second position in B.I.S.E Abbottabad in the year 2005 and is a silver medalist. She earned her BBA degree from University of Peshawar, Peshawar, MS degree from COMSATS Abbottabad and   holds a Ph. D degree from the Faculty of Economics & Administration, University of Malaya, Malaysia in the field of Human Resource Management on merit based scholarships. Her thesis covers the topics regarding organizational climate, workplace traditional bullying and cyber bullying and employee health in selected service sectors of Pakistan. She served as an experienced lecturer in the Management sciences department of University of Wah, Wah Cantt, Pakistan and also served as a research coordinator in many conferences. She has taught courses in the areas of Human Resource Management, General Management, Organizational Behavior and Training and Development. She has been actively participated in some of the national and international research conferences. She has supervised various research projects of graduating students during her teaching experience as a visiting lecturer. She has various publications including ISI and Scopus indexed journals from the period 2013 to 2018 and working on more research papers. She has reviewed various research papers for international journals and has been acknowledged for the services.

​List of the student supervised research projects during visiting teaching experience from 2013 to 2015 is as follows:

  • Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB), and Turnover Intensions: A Case Study of Business Schools of Pakistan submitted by Shaukat Ali.
  • Investigating the relationship between Mobbing, Physical and Psychological Stress and Employees’ behavior at work place at workplace of schools of District Abbottabad submitted by Kiran Shehzadi.
  • Moderating effects of stress coping strategies on the relationship among Academic stress, Academic performance and health: evidence from higher education institutes in Pakistan submittedby Farhan Shergill.

  • Prevalence Level and Predictors of Face to Face and Cyberbullying in Selected Service Sectors of Pakistan. International Journal of Engineering and Technology, Volume 7, Issue 2.29 (2018).
  • Grim Consequences of Workplace Traditional and Cyberbullying by way of Mediation: A Case of Service Sector of Pakistan. International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering, Issue 2S, Volume 8, p.p 1082-1088 (2019).
  • Exploring the Relationship among Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Psychological Empowerment and Turnover Intentions with the Mediating role of Affective Commitment. International Review of Management and Marketing, Vol 6, Issue 4, 296-304 (2015).
  • Customer Satisfaction Level in Islamic Banking and conventional Banking (A Case of Pakistan). Journal of Management Info, Vol 3, Issue 1. (2015)
  • Modeling the Workplace bullying the Mediator of “Workplace Climate-Employee Health” Relationship. Journal of Management Info, Vol 4, Issue.1, 96-124 (2014).
  • Relationship between Job Stress, Workload, Environment and Employees Turnover Intensions: What We Know, What Should We Know. World Applied Sciences Journal, forthcoming issue, ISI index, vol.23,issue.6, pp.764-770.
  • A survey of Student Perceptions of Team-Based Learning: Assessment of Pakistan and UK Students. Elixir Management Arts, Vol.50, Issue. 20, pp. 10475-10479[Ulrich Periodical Directory].
  • Exploring the Relationship among Professional Competence, Job Satisfaction and Career Development Confidence of Chef: An Empirical Research in Pakistan. ELIXIR Human Resource Management Journal, Volume 60, pp. 16489-16497.
  • Job Stress, Workload Environment and Employees Turnover Intensions: Destiny or Choice. Archive of Sciences Journal, Switzerland, Vol.65, Issue 8,pp.230-214.IF-0.474
  • Implementation of Technology Acceptance Model in E-Learning Environment in Rural and Urban areas of Pakistan. World Applied Sciences 2013 Journal, Volume 2,7 Issue11, Pages 1495-1507.
  • Critical elements in implementations of just-in-time management: empirical study of cement industry in Pakistan. Springerplus 2013 1;2: 645. ISI Indexed, Epub 2013 Dec 1.
  • Empirical Investigation of Mobbing, Stress and Employees Behavior at Workplace: Quantitatively refining a Qualitative Work. Quality and Quantity Journal Springer Science+, ISI Indexed, Business Media Dordreacht 2013
  • Papers in Review

  • Mehwish Iftikhar, Loo-See Beh. “Traditional and Cyber bullying: Prevalence, Effects and Workplace Spirituality as Anti-Bullying Policy”. International Journal of Human Resource Development and Management. (Scopus Indexed).
  • Submitted Papers

  • Mehwish Iftikhar, Sheraz Khan. “Organizational Empowerment and Turnover intensions:A mediation of Job Satisfaction and Affective Commitment. A Case of Hattar industries, Pakistan”. Journal of Management Info.
  • Sheraz Khan, Dr. Pardis Moslemzadeh Tehrani, Mehwish Iftikhar. “Impact of PECA-2016 Provisions on Freedom of Speech: A Case of Pakistan”. Journal of Management Info.

  • Mehwish Iftikhar & Loo-See Beh. “Prevalence Level and Predictors of Face to Face and Cyberbullying in Selected Service Sectors of Pakistan”, Asia International Multidisciplinary Conference May, 2018.
  • Mehwish Iftikhar & Loo-See Beh. “Workplace Traditional and Cyberbullying and Employee Health Outcomes: Emotional Intelligence a Coping Strategy”, Asia International Multidisciplinary Conference December, 2018.
  • The impact of Organisational Empowerment on Turnover Intensions with the Mediating Role of Job Satisfaction and Affective Commitment: Case of Hotel Industry. 1st Multidiciplinary conference,University of Wah, 2015

    ​She has a 3 years of teaching experience at MBA and BBA levels. List of courses taught during her teaching experience is given below:

  • Human Resource Management
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Training and Development
  • Research Methodology
  • Communication Skills
  • Effective Business Communication
  • Computer Science (Basic)
  • Management
  • Strategic Management