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About Department

Operations & supply chain is considered as one of the core areas of any business concern. Operations & supply chain management has a well-established role in industries beyond manufacturing including retail, health care and technology. Operations is inward looking and seeks to converts materials and labor into goods and services as efficiently as possible. Management of supply chain demands a collaborative effort among various organizations within a value chain to ensure competitiveness and success for all stakeholders. 

Operations & supply chain work in tandem to optimize various aspects such as cost, agility and adaptability of supply chains. As organizations are increasingly turning to global sources to fulfil their supplier needs and seek continuous improvement in processes there is an increased interest in operations & supply chain management. Whether it is cost reduction, lead time improvement, inventory efficiency, procurement leadership, global outsourcing, logistics route optimization, facility location decisions, manpower capacity development, data analytics, business intelligence or ERP systems, operations & supply chain provides the solution.

The research-oriented MS Logistics & Supply Chain program is designed to equip its student with the tools and knowledge that position them for a career in which they can make a significant contribution in both local and global marketplaces. It provides a unique learning and research experience through which students are prepared to make an effective contribution in operations and logistics related role in government, industry as well as academia.