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Assistant Professor
Operations & Supply Chain Management

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
NUST Business School, H-12 Sector, Islamabad
Tel : +92-51-90853213

Supply Chain Management; Mathematical Optimization; Operations Research; Production & Inventory Management; Sustainability

Ph.D. in Industrial & Management Engineering, presented for best Ph.D. Thesis Award (Hanyang University,South Korea), MS in Mechanical Eng (Seoul National University,South Korea), MBA in Operations Mgt (Institute of Business & Management,UET, Lahore, Pak)

Dr. Waqas Ahmed is currently working as Assistant Professor at NUST Business School. He as a researcher studied many disciplines and fields namely Supply Chain Management, Operations Research and Optimizations, Sustainable Inventory Management, Mathematical Modelling, Manufacturing System, Production System Analysis, Production Planning and Control, R&D Management.

He has taught courses in the areas of Production & Operations Management, Operations Research and Supply Chain Management for graduate and undergraduate students. Additionally, he has Industrial experience of more than 7 years, where he served at Executive post of Millat Tractors Ltd. Lahore in their Engineering, R&D department, Vendor Management Program and Supply Chain Management department. Furthermore, he served as Research Assistant for 2 years in SNU Automotive Lab, South Korea.

Dr. Waqas is also a member of the Pakistan Engineering Council as a registered engineer. He has also been involved in numerous training programs which include the Industrial Safety Education Course at SNU, South Korea; Automotive Manufacturing Training at AGCO, Brazil; Six Sigma and Project Management at Pakistan Institute of Management. He has also been the trainer for fresh engineers at Millat Tractors Ltd and vendors of MTL in the field of engineering and management.

He completed his Ph.D. in Industrial and Management Engineering from Hanyang University, South Korea.  His dissertation is positioned in the context of next-generation energy and covers the topics of sustainable supply chain management under the umbrella of economic, environmental and social strategies. Also, he graduated from Seoul National University, South Korea, where he pursued his MS in Mechanical Engineering. Furthermore, he also completed his MBA from the Institute of Business & Management, UET, Lahore.

Dr. Waqas has made involvement in knowledge through various avenues that include industrial projects, consulting with vendors on business & industry problem and publishing of research articles in reputed journals.

His Ph.D. dissertation was titled: Sustainable supply chain management for next-generation energy by integrating environmental, economic and social strategies. He has been Awarded for the Ph.D. foreign scholarship for South Korea by Higher Education Commission (HEC), Government of Pakistan in the year 2016. Whereas his MS dissertation was titled: Investigation of droplet size distribution in a multi-hole gasoline direct injection spray. He has been also awarded for MS foreign scholarship under the title "Two years of MS Level study/training in Korean Universities and Industry" in South Korea by HEC, Government of Pakistan in the year 2007.

Industrial and Research Projects

  • Detection policy for an unethical service provider in the Hyundai automobile industry through the next generation of smart service management. (Production Engineering & Operations Management Lab, South Korea, 2018)
  • Execution of R&D expertise of “Fuel Injection Pump” for in-house services with engineers of the foreign suppliers. (Millat Tractors Ltd, Lahore, 2014)
  • Pre-feasibility study of solar energy power assembly plant project at MTL. (Millat Tractors Ltd, Lahore, 2013)
  • Implementation of the model formula for supplier evaluation and rationalization via "Data Envelopment Analysis" in Millat Tractors Ltd. (Millat Tractors Ltd, Lahore, 2012)
  • Implementation of ERP systems in Millat Tractors Ltd with the guiding principle of a foreign team. (Millat Tractors Ltd, Lahore, 2010)
  • Evaluating and development of different parts used in different models of MTL, specially imported from the UK, Germany, Turkey, and China like Turbocharger, Fuel Injection Pump, and Pistons. (Millat Tractors Ltd, Lahore, 2010)
  • Modifying MF 375 Tractor (Irani Engine) into MF 385 Tractor (Perkin Engine) in order to get higher efficiency. (Millat Tractors Ltd, Lahore, 2009)
  • Worked on the Hybrid Engines as next-generation vehicles vision 2020 sponsored by Hyundai Motors in SNU Automotive Lab, South Korea. (SNU Automotive Lab, South Korea 2008)
  • Measure the relative droplet size distribution in GDI spray at different pressure conditions by using Laser-Induced Fluorescence and Mie scattering. (SNU Automotive Lab, South Korea 2008)
  • Transient development of GDI sprays at different pressure conditions and different timing after SOI by using Mie scattering. (SNU Automotive Lab, South Korea 2008)
  • Measure the penetration length of GDI spray and comparing it at different injection pressure, different timing after SOI and with different fuels i.e. gasoline and n-heptane. (SNU Automotive Lab, South Korea 2008)
  • Journal Articles

  • Ahmed, W. and Sarkar, B., 2018. Impact of carbon emissions in a sustainable supply chain management for a second generation biofuel. Journal of Cleaner Production, 186, pp.807-820.
  • Ahmed, W. and Sarkar, B., 2019. Management of next-generation energy using a triple bottom line approach under a supply chain framework. Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 150, 104431
  • Sarkar, B., Ahmed, W. and Kim, N., 2018. Joint effects of variable carbon emission cost and multi-delay-in-payments under single-setup-multiple-delivery policy in a global sustainable supply chain. Journal of Cleaner Production, 185, pp.421-445.
  • Tiwari, S., Ahmed, W. and Sarkar, B., 2018. Multi-item sustainable green production system under trade-credit and partial backordering. Journal of Cleaner Production, 204, pp.82-95.
  • Ahmed, W., Sarkar, B. and Ullah, M., 2019. Impact of reparation for imperfect quality items having shortages in the system under multi-trade-credit-period. DJ Journal of Engineering and Applied Mathematics, 5(1), pp.1-16.
  • Sarkar, B., Ahmed, W., Choi, S.B. and Tayyab, M., 2018. Sustainable inventory management for environmental impact through partial backordering and multi-trade-credit-period. Sustainability, 10(12), pp.4761.
  • Kang, CW., Imran, M., Omair, M., Ahmed, W., M Ullah, M. and Sarkar, B., 2019. Stochastic-Petri Net Modeling and Optimization for Outdoor Patients in Building Sustainable Healthcare System Considering Staff Absenteeism. Mathematics, 7 (6), 499
  • Tiwari, S., Ahmed, W. and Sarkar, B., 2019. Sustainable ordering policies for non-instantaneous deteriorating items under carbon emission and multi-trade-credit-policies. Journal of Cleaner Production, 240, 118183
  • Ahmed, W., Sarkar, M., Sarkar, B. and Kim, S.-J., 2017. Effect of carbon tax and uncertainty in an economic policy for second generation biofuel supply chain. Proceedings of the Fall Conference of the Korean Institute of Industrial Engineers, pp. 1700-1707.
  • Conference Presentations

  • Annual Vendor Conference “Vendor Development Program” organized by Millat Tractors Ltd in October 2014.
  • Renewable Energy Conference held mutually by Pakistan and Swedish Government at Lahore Chamber of Commerce in March 2013
  • Next-generation Vehicles 2nd workshop 2009, organized by Seoul National University.
  • The International Hybrid Electric Vehicle Workshop 2008, organized by Advanced Automotive Research Center, South Korea.
  • The 7th National Engineering Conference, organized by the Korean Society of Engineering in 2008.
  • Introduction of Fuel Cell in Industry, organized by Hyundai Motors in 2007.
  • Dr. Waqas has teaching experience for graduate and undergraduate programs at International and National Universities.  He taught courses that are attentive to the practical knowledge and research-oriented.  The list of courses taught are:

  • Production & Operations Management
  • Operations Research
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Quantitative Analysis for Decision Making
  • Introduction to Operations Research
  • Jan 2012 - Feb 2016   Deputy Manager (Engineering), Millat Tractors Ltd, Lahore, Pakistan.
  • June 2009 -Dec 2011   Assistant Manager (R&D), Millat Tractors Ltd, Lahore, Pakistan
  • May 2006 - Jan 2007   Technical Development Officer, DuPont, Pakistan
  • Certification / Training

  • Automotive Manufacturing Training from AGCO (Massey Ferguson), Brazil
  • Industrial Safety Education Course from Seoul National University, South Korea.
  • Project Management from Pakistan Institute of Management.
  • Six Sigma (The Breakthrough Management Strategy) from Pakistan Institute of Management.
  • Material Methods and Manufacturing Techniques from PCSIR.
  • Management Development Program from Highly Keen-The HR Institute Lahore.
  • Productivity Enhancement Techniques from In-House Training, Millat Tractors Ltd.
  • Team Working Skills from In-House Training, Millat Tractors Ltd.