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NBS Departments

Finance and Investments

 The world of finance with its innumerable career opportunities is an attractive choice for many top calibre graduates. The main objective of this specialisation is to develop students’ financial acumen to the highest level. Providing a flexible qualification suitable for a wide range of careers in the financial sector, the programme combines opportunities
to gain specific knowledge and develop technical skills in international financial markets, investment, banking and
finance, with the enhancement of management skills relevant to the financial services sector.

Human Resource Management

 In today’s competitive and dynamic environment,a business organisation must deal with major challenges not only to
maintain an edge but also to grow and compete successfully. Traditionally, the concept of being competitive has been
considered a function of finance, marketing or accounting. However, it is believed that proper management of human
resources is crucial to the long-term value of a company and ultimately for its survival. The drive for growth and
competition not only encompasses financial profits but also employee growth and satisfaction, increased employment
opportunities, protection of the environment and contribution towards community welfare programmes. The study of this
specialisation focuses on all aspects of human resource management, including how companies interact with
the environment, acquire, retain, prepare, develop and compensate human resources, as well as design and measure
work which can help companies meet competitivechallenges and create value.

International Business and Marketing

 This specialisation develops the professional skills of people who are interested in gaining a global perspective of managing international markets. Covering all stages of corporate development in international trade from small businesses seeking export opportunities to multinational conglomerates operating on a larger scale, the specialisation’s global and national focus, and coverage of a wide range of marketing techniques in an international business environment sets it apart from competing MBA programmes. The specialisation also identifies how to develop, implement and execute branding strategies used by organisations. Key features include a multi-cultural international perspective with an in-depth coverage of the marketing spectrum.