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Center for Research in Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management

NUST Business School (NBS) has been a producing quality business graduates since 2002. With changing business environment, the school has evolved as well, and focused itself to giving comprehensive business training, both practical and research oriented to its students.

Entrepreneurship is at the heart of NUST, as well as NBS's mission statement. One challenge faced by business institutions today is to motivate their students and faculty regarding entrepreneurship and innovation. Spirit of entrepreneurship among students and faculty is fostered through an appropriate eco system, consisting of systematic training, mentorship and opportunities. Hence, NBS needed to establish this culture. At the university level, NBS faculty and students possess a unique skill set required for the success of any entrepreneurial venture. However, it is lacking the entrepreneurship culture and eco system required to channel this talent. In order to facilitate this need, NBS has set up a center for research in entrepreneurship and innovation management. Our mission is to find, teach, and develop world class entrepreneurs.


To become the center of excellence for research and practice in the areas of Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management.


Our mission is to find, teach, and develop world class entrepreneurs.

Key Features

  1. Fostering & developing an entrepreneurial mindset by providing opportunities through curriculum strengthening and training in the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship and management.
  2. Facilitating budding entrepreneurs in developing their business concepts to a point where they are ready to begin to seek angel investment
  3. Facilitate empirical and practitioner based research through faculty led research project and graduate projects.
  4. Employing student teams with multidisciplinary expertise to solve unique problems faced by organizations or institutions
  5. Identify upcoming solution needs in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation management and serve the local industry by providing proactive and reactive solutions.
  6. Generate international quality knowledge in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation management. This knowledge will be according to the industry needs, as well as training needs for business students.
  7. Provide a training platform for researchers to apply their knowledge in identifying and solving problems in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation management.
  8. Developing and strengthening linkages with local community and industry.​