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NUST Business School
Master in Business Administration for 2014 and Prior

Mission Statement

“The NBS MBA Program will prepare knowledgeable, entrepreneurial, expedient, erudite and conscientious professionals who will serve, innovate, lead, advance and inspire organizations, industries and society”

The one line slogan of the MBA program is, “Professionals, not Graduates.”​
































































Goal 1: Academic Rigor and Relevance
































































Keyword: Knowledgeable
































































The MBA program presents a rigorous and integrated set of learning opportunities to students in order to impart relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Goal 2:  Entrepreneurial Spirit
































































Keyword: Entrepreneurial
































































The MBA program instills a spirit of entrepreneurship in students leading to new ideas, products and services.
































































Goal 3 Managerial and Business Application
































































Keyword: Expedient
































































The MBA program encourages application of learning by students to the intricate sphere of micro and macro business environments in order to ensure expediency in decision making.
































































Goal 4: Research and Development
































































Keyword: Erudite
































































The MBA program inculcates critical thinking and erudite scholarship empowering students to forefront progress in research and development in the corporate sector.
































































Goal 5: Societal and Ethical Relevance
































































Keyword: Conscientious
































































The MBA program enables students to evaluate the ethical and societal implications of doing business as an organization.


The intended outcomes of the MBA Program are aligned with the educational objectives listed above. These outcomes are as follows;​


​​​​Outcome 1: Knowledge, Skills and Attitude




Keyword: Serve




Graduates of the program will be academically prepared for a managerial career. They will have the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to become effective employees and managers in modern organizations.




Outcome 2: Entrepreneurship





Keyword: Innovate




Graduates of the program will be primed to start up their entrepreneurial ventures. They will have the capacity to initiate, nurture and advance ideas into successful businesses.


Outcome 3: Corporate Leadership









Keyword: Lead




Graduates of the program will able to excel in their career paths by leading and directing corporate change. They will be able to reflect upon business problems, develop informed corporate decisions and demonstrate ability to succeed in local and international environments.




Outcome 4: Continuous Learning

















Keyword: Advance




Graduates of the program will effectively integrate theory, research and practice resulting in lifelong learning and continuous development personally and professionally.




Outcome 5: Moral and Social Responsibility

































Keyword: Inspire


Graduates of the program will adopt the highest principles of citizenship and morality in their conduct. They will inspire behaviors, decisions and solutions that protect social and national interests. ​