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Prerequisite 2017 & Prior
​Code Course Title​ ​CHs ​P/Code ​Institute ​Semester Pre-Requisites
​HU-113 ​Academic & Technical Writing ​3.0 NBS​ Semester I​ ​None
​CS-103 ​IT for Business ​2.0 NBS​ Semester I​ ​None
​ECO-102 ​Introduction to Microeconomics ​3.0 NBS​ Semester I ​None
​MATH-102 ​Business Maths ​3.0 NBS​ Semester I ​None
​Humanities Elective-I ​3.0 NBS​ Semester I ​None
​FIN-100 ​Principles of Accounting ​3.0 NBS​ Semester II ​None
​ECO-112 ​Introduction to Macroeconomics ​3.0 NBS​ Semester II ​None
​STAT-102 ​Business Statistics-I ​3.0 NBS​ Semester II ​None
​MGT-163 ​Business Communication ​3.0 NBS​ Semester II ​None
​MGT-111 ​Technology in Business ​2.0 ​NBS Semester II ​None
​HU-101 ​Islamic Studies ​2.0 NBS​ Semester II ​None
​FIN-202 ​Intermediate Accounting ​3.0 NBS​ Semester III ​FIN-100 Principles of Accounting
​STAT-202 ​Business Statistics-II ​3.0 ​NBS Semester III ​STAT-102 Business Statistics-I
​MKT-101 ​Principles of Marketing ​3.0 ​NBS Semester III ​None
​MGT-121 ​Introduction to Management ​3.0 ​NBS Semester III ​None
​Humanitites Elective-II ​3.0 NBS​ Semester III None​
​Humanities Elective-III ​3.0 ​NBS Semester III None​
​FIN-201 ​Managerial Accounting ​3.0 ​NBS Semester IV ​FIN-202 Intermediate Accounting
​HRM-241 ​Organization Behavior ​3.0 ​NBS Semester IV ​None
​MKT-222 ​Strategic Marketing ​3.0 ​NBS Semester IV​ ​MKT-101 Principles of Marketing
​OTM-252 ​Introduction to Operations Research ​3.0 NBS​ Semester IV​ ​STAT-202 Business Statistics-II , CS-103 IT for Business, MATH-102 Business Maths
​Humanities Elective-IV ​3.0 ​NBS Semester IV​ ​None
​Humanities Elective-V ​3.0 ​NBS Semester IV​ ​None
​FIN-311 ​Principles of Financial Management 3.0​ ​NBS Semester V​ ​None
​HRM-341 ​Organizational Theory & Design ​3.0 ​NBS Semester V​ ​None
​HU-107 ​Pakistan Studies ​3.0 ​NBS Semester V​ ​None
​ECO-325 ​Introduction to Econometrics ​3.0 ​NBS Semester V​ ​ECO-102 Introduction to Microeconomics, OTM-252 Introduction to Operations Research , ECO-112 Introduction to Macroeconomics
​MKT-323 ​Services  Marketing ​3.0 ​NBS Semester V​ ​MKT-101 Principles of Marketing
​Humanities Elective-VI 3.0​ ​NBS Semester V​ ​None
​FIN-312 ​Corporate Finance ​3.0 ​NBS Semester V​I ​FIN-311 Principles of Financial Management
​HRM-342 ​Human Resource Management ​3.0 ​NBS Semester V​I ​MGT-121 Introduction to Management, HRM-241 Organization Behavior
​MGT-321 ​Quantitative & Qualitative Research Methods ​3.0 ​NBS Semester V​I ​None
​MKT-324 ​International Business Management ​3.0
NBS​ Semester VI ​None
​OTM-352 ​Operations Management ​3.0 ​NBS Semester VI ​OTM-252 Introduction to Operations Research , MGT-121 Introduction to Management, MKT-101 Principles of Marketing
​Humanities Elective-VII ​3.0 ​NBS Semester VI ​None
​CS-443 ​E.Commerce ​3.0 ​NBS Semester VII ​CS-103  IT for Business
​MGT-272 Entrepreneurship
​3.0 ​NBS Semester VII ​None
OTM-452 ​Supply Chain Management ​3.0 ​NBS Semester VII ​OTM-352 Operations Management
​MGT-402 ​Industry Analysis ​2.0 NBS​ Semester VII ​None
​Business Elective-I ​3.0 NBS​ Semester VII ​None
​Business Elective-II ​3.0 NBS​ Semester VII ​None
​MGT-470 ​Strategic Management ​3.0 NBS​ Semester VIII ​MGT-121 Introduction to Management
​LAW-405 ​Corportate Law ​3.0 NBS​ Semester VIII ​None
​MGT-403 ​Business Ethics & CSR ​3.0 NBS​ Semester VIII ​None
​Business Elective-III ​3.0 NBS​ Semester VIII ​None
​Business Elective-IV ​3.0 ​NBS Semester VIII ​None
​MGT-499 ​FYP ​3.0 ​NBS Semester VIII ​None
Elective IB&M
​MKT-427 ​Global Marketing ​3.0 ​NBS ​MKT-222 Strategic Marketing
​MKT-435 ​Export Marketing ​3.0 ​NBS MKT-222 Strategic Marketing
​MKT-434 ​Direct Marketing ​3.0 ​NBS MKT-222 Strategic Marketing
​MKT-426 ​Advertising & Promotion ​3.0 ​NBS MKT-222 Strategic Marketing
​MKT-433 ​Public Relations and Media Marketing ​3.0 ​NBS MKT-222 Strategic Marketing
​MKT-436 ​Local Marketing Strategies ​3.0 ​NBS MKT-222 Strategic Marketing
​MKT-430 ​Competitive Intelligence Marketing ​3.0 ​NBS MKT-222 Strategic Marketing
​MKT-437 ​Marketing Across Cultures ​3.0 ​NBS MKT-222 Strategic Marketing
​MKT-438 ​New Product Development and Design ​3.0 ​NBS MKT-222 Strategic Marketing
​MKT-439 ​Marketing on the Internet ​3.0 ​NBS MKT-222 Strategic Marketing
Elective Finance & Investment
​FIN-401 ​Fundamentals of Financial Institutions & Markets ​3.0 NBS​ ​FIN-312 Corporate Finance
​FIN-409 ​Analysis of Financial Statements ​3.0 ​NBS ​FIN-312 Corporate Finance
​FIN-402 ​Islamic Finance ​3.0 ​NBS ​FIN-312 Corporate Finance
​FIN-403 ​Introducation to Bank Management ​3.0 ​NBS ​FIN-312 Corporate Finance
​FIN-404 ​Principles of Investments & Portfolio Management ​3.0 ​NBS ​FIN-312 Corporate Finance
​FIN-405 ​Principles of Risk Management ​3.0 ​NBS ​FIN-312 Corporate Finance
​FIN-414 ​Ethics, Risk and Corporate Governance ​3.0 ​NBS ​FIN-312 Corporate Finance
​FIN-415 ​Valuation Concepts ​3.0 ​NBS ​FIN-312 Corporate Finance
Elective Mgt & HR
​HRM-411 ​Human Resource Development ​3.0 NBS​ ​HRM-342 Human Resource Management
​HRM-412 ​Workforce Diversity  ​3.0 ​NBS HRM-342 Human Resource Management
​HRM-413 ​Workforce Planning & Management ​3.0 ​NBS HRM-342 Human Resource Management
​HRM-414 ​Employee Relations  ​3.0 ​NBS HRM-342 Human Resource Management
​HRM-415 ​HRM in the Asian Context ​3.0 ​NBS HRM-342 Human Resource Management
​HRM-416 ​Advanced Topics in HRM ​3.0 ​NBS HRM-342 Human Resource Management
​OTM-454 ​Project Management   ​3.0 ​NBS ​CS-103 IT for Business
​OTM-453 ​Design & Anaylsis of Production Systems ​3.0 ​NBS ​OTM-352  Operations Management
​MGT-404 ​Leadership Theories & Practices ​3.0 ​NBS ​HRM-241 Organization Behavior, HRM-342 Human Resource
​CS-421 ​Database Management Systems  ​3.0 ​NBS ​CS-103 IT for Business
Elective - Humanities
​HU-104 ​English Literature ​3.0 ​NBS
​HU-112 ​Industrial Psychology ​3.0 ​NBS
​HU-115 ​Principles of Sociology ​3.0 ​NBS
​HU-116 ​Anthropology ​3.0 ​NBS
​HU-208 ​International Relations ​3.0 ​NBS
​HU-213 ​History ​3.0 ​NBS
​HU-215 ​Critical Reasoning ​3.0 ​NBS
​HU-216 ​Business & Society ​3.0 ​NBS
​HU-219 ​Philosophy ​3.0 ​NBS