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About Department

The Department of Military Art and Science is responsible for conduct of the Bachelors in Military Art and Science (BMAS) undergraduate degree programme. BMAS is a military specific UG programme being conducted under the aegis of NUST by the MAS Department of the NUST Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies (NIPCONS).
Scheme and Conduct of Studies
The minimum number of credit hours and duration for completing the Bachelor of Military Art and Science UG programme is as under:
Minimum Credit Hours: 130
No of Semesters: 8
Minimum Duration: 4 years
Maximum Duration: 7 years
The BMAS degree programme commenced in May 2010. It is a multi-campus programme, being  conducted at the Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul; School of Infantry and Tactics, Quetta and Human Resource  Development Centres (HRDCs) at Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Multan, Malir and Quetta.    
To plan, coordinate and execute undergraduate degree programme in Military Art and Science for Army cadets / YOs  ensuring that these graduates radiate self-confidence and are equipped with high standards of communication skills  (written/verbal), innovative abilities, rational thinking and analytical ability, in keeping with the standards of NUST. 
The MAS Department is headed by a Head of Department, supported with a ‘core faculty’ at NIPCONS campus  Rawalpindi. A qualified faculty has been enrolled at the HRDCs for providing quality education to the students attending  the 7th and 8th semesters.
The BMAS programme is being conducted utilising the latest IT support. An almost paperless environment has been  created. All tests are being conducted simultaneously on-line at all centres; while central lectures are transmitted via Video  Link.​