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Message from Principal & Dean
Centre of International Peace & Stability (CIPS has two unique distinctions. It was inaugurated by the Secretary General of the UN Mr. Ban Ki Moon himself on the 13th of August 2013; and it is the only institution of its kind teaching UN peacekeeping operations. It is a hybrid model, where scholars and subject matter experts combine their expertise to teach practitioners and novices alike. A very experienced team of faculty members with hands on experience in peacekeeping and PhD degree holders from foreign universities join together to teach a very comprehensive courses  that results in the awards of degrees and certificates in peace and conflict studies. . 
The Centre organizes international and national seminars covering various aspects of conflict such as pre conflict prevention, conflict resolution and post conflict rehabilitation. The institute has developed a special expertise in refugees and migrations and works in close collaboration with National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA). 
The MS and PhD candidates investigate diverse issues such as climate change, International humanitarian law, security and deterrence, and gender based issues. 
CIPS aims to equip its students with knowledge that would stand them in good stead in finding jobs in the government and development sectors and as experts in the area of peace studies.