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E- Journals

Geography: Geographical Journal
Geography: Geographical Research
Geography: Journal of Latin American Geography
Geography: Southeastern Geographer
Geography: Yearbook of the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers
Govt & Public Policy: Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy
Govt & Public Policy: Asia Policy
Govt & Public Policy: Asian Politics & Policy
Govt & Public Policy: Asian Social Work and Policy Review
Govt & Public Policy: Politics & Policy

History: American Jewish History
History: American Nineteenth Century History
History: Art History
History: Australian Historical Studies
History: Centaurus
History: Contemporary British History
History: Diplomatic History
History: Early Medieval Europe
History: Enterprise & Society
History: Essays in Medieval Studies
History: Ethnohistory
History: French Historical Studies
History: French Studies: A Quarterly Review
History: History & Memory
History: History and Philosophy of Logic
History: History of Education
History: History of Political Economy
History: Intellectual History Review
History: Journal of Historical Sociology
History: Journal of Social History
History: Parliamentary History
History: Radical History Review
History: Rethinking History The Journal of Theory and Practice
History: The Fall of the Roman Empire: Film and History
History: The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History
History: The Journal of Pacific History
History: The Journal of the History of Childhood and Youth
History: The Scottish Historical Review

Human Rights: World Futures Journal of General Evolution
Human Rights: Women & Criminal Justice
Human Rights: Women & History
Human Rights: Women & Politics
Human Rights: Women: A Cultural Review
Human Rights: Women's History Review
Human Rights: Women's Studies An inter-disciplinary journal
Human Rights: Women's Studies in Communication
Human Rights: Women's Writing
Human Rights: World Leisure Journal
Human Rights: Yale Journal of Criticism
Human Rights: Youth Theatre Journal

International Relaitons: Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies
International Relaitons: International Migration Review
International Relations: International Journal of Group Tensions
International Relations: Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Studies
International Relations: nternational Journal for Philosophy of Religion
International Relations: African and Black Diaspora: An International Journal
International Relations: African Studies
International Relations: American Foreign Policy Interests
International Relations: American Journal of Political Science
International Relations: Asian Affairs
International Relations: Asian Perspectives
International Relations: Asian Studies Review
International Relations: Asia-Pacific Review
International Relations: Britain and the Middle East in the 9/11 Era
International Relations: British Journal of Industrial Relations
International Relations: British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies
International Relations: Brookings-Wharton Papers on Urban Affairs
International Relations: Canadian Review of American Studies
International Relations: Central Asian Survey
International Relations: China Review International
International Relations: China: An International Journal
International Relations: Comparative Studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East
International Relations: Contemporary Southeast Asia: A Journal of International and Strategic Affai
International Relations: Critical Asian Studies
International Relations: Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy
International Relations: Digest of Middle East Studies
International Relations: East Asia
International Relations: Ethics & International Affairs
International Relations: Europäisches Journal für Minderheitenfragen
International Relations: European View
International Relations: Global Strategy Journal
International Relations: Globalizations
International Relations: Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies
International Relations: Human Resource Development International
International Relations: Impact
International Relations: Indo-Iranian Journal
International Relations: International Affairs
International Relations: International Interactions
International Relations: International Interactions Empirical and Theoretical Research in Internatio
International Relations: International Organization
International Relations: International Review of Education
International Relations: International Social Science Journal
International Relations: International Studies Perspectives
International Relations: International Studies Quarterly
International Relations: International Studies Review
International Relations: Iranian Studies
International Relations: Israel Affairs
International Relations: Israel Studies
International Relations: Journal of International Development
International Relations: Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding
International Relations: Korean Studies
International Relations: Middle East Critique
International Relations: Middle East Journal
International Relations: Middle Eastern Studies
International Relations: National Identities
International Relations: Negotiation Journal
International Relations: Nepantla: Views from South
International Relations: New Eastern Outlook
International Relations: Newsweek
International Relations: Northeast African Studies
International Relations: omen's Studies An inter-disciplinary journal
International Relations: Revolutionary Russia
International Relations: SAIS Review
International Relations: South Central Review
International Relations: Southeast Asian Affairs
International Relations: The British Journal of Politics & International Relations
International Relations: The Global South
International Relations: The International History Review
International Relations: The International Spectator Italian Journal of International Affairs
International Relations: The Journal of the Middle East and Africa
International Relations: The Middle East Journal
International Relations: The Review of Faith & International Affairs
International Relations: The Review of International Affairs
International Relations: The Review of International Organizations
International Relations: The South Atlantic Quarterly
International Relations: Third World Quarterly
International Relations: Times Magazine
International Relations: Turkish Studies
International Relations: Twentieth-Century China
International Relations: Washington Quarterly

Islam: Contemporary Islam
Islam: Islam and Christian–Muslim Relations

Law: Canadian Journal of Women and the Law
Law: Criminal Justice Studies
Law: Environmental Forensics

Military: African Security Review
Military: African Studies
Military: American Foreign Policy Interests
Military: American Review of Canadian Studies
Military: Annals of the Association of American Geographers
Military: Asian Geographer
Military: Asian Journal of Political Science
Military: Asian Security
Military: Asia-Pacific Review
Military: Astropolitics
Military: Australian Journal of International Affairs
Military: Australian Journal of Political Science
Military: Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies
Military: Cambridge Review of International Affairs
Military: Canadian Foreign Policy Journal
Military: Central Asian Survey
Military: Civil Wars
Military: Cold War History
Military: Comparative Strategy
Military: Conflict, Security & Development
Military: Critical Studies on Security
Military: Critical Studies on Terrorism
Military: Defence and Peace Economics
Military: Defence Studies
Military: Defense & Security Analysis
Military: Democracy and Security
Military: First World War Studies
Military: Forced Migration and Global Politics
Military: Global Change, Peace & Security
Military: Intelligence and National Security
Military: International Journal of Intelligence and CounterIntelligence
Military: International Peacekeeping
Military: Journal for Maritime Research
Military: Journal of Military Ethics
Military: Journal of Peacebuilding & Development
Military: Journal of Policing, Intelligence and Counter Terrorism
Military: Journal of Strategic Studies
Military: Marine and Freshwater Behaviour
Military: Marine Biology Research
Military: Marine Geodesy
Military: Marine Georesources & Geotechnology
Military: Maritime Affairs
Military: Maritime Affairs:Journal of the National Maritime Foundation of India
Military: Maritime Policy & Management The flagship journal of international shipping and port resea
Military: Maritime Studies
Military: Medicine, Conflict and Survival
Military: Mediterranean Quarterly
Military: Military Psychology
Military: Security Studies
Military: Social Forces
Military: Strategic Analysis
Military: Strategic Comments
Military: Strategic Survey
Military: Survival : Global Politics and Strategy
Military: Terrorism and Political Aggression
Military: The Journal of Military History
Military: The Journal of Slavic Military Studies
Military: The Military Balance
Military: The RUSI Journal
Military: Whitehall Papers

Peace & Conflict: African Conflict & Peacebuilding Review
Peace & Conflict: Conflict, Security & Development
Peace & Conflict: Contemporary Justice Review
Peace & Conflict: Global Change, Peace & Security
Peace & Conflict: Medicine, Conflict and Survival
Peace & Conflict: Peace Review A Journal of Social Justice
Peace & Conflict: Small Wars & Insurgencies
Peace & Conflict: Studies in Conflict & Terrorism
Peace & Conflict: Survival Global Politics and Strategy
Peace & Conflict: The Nonproliferation Review
Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology

Philosophy: American Journal of Bioethics
Philosophy: Gender, Work & Organization
Philosophy: General Anthropology
Philosophy: Journal of Social Philosophy

Political Science: Astropolitics The International Journal
Political Science: Australian Journal of Political Science
Political Science: Australian Journal of Politics & History
Political Science: Business and Politics
Political Science: Comparative environmental politics
Political Science: Congress & the Presidency
Political Science: Constellations
Political Science: Constitutional Political Economy
Political Science: Contemporary Debates in Political Philosophy
Political Science: Democracy in Europe: A History of an Ideology
Political Science: Ethnopolitics Formerly Global Review of Ethnopolitics
Political Science: Geopolitics
Political Science: Global Environmental Politics
Political Science: Governance
Political Science: International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society
Political Science: International Political Sociology
Political Science: Journal für Rechtspolitik
Political Science: Journal of American Folklore
Political Science: Journal of Chinese Political Science
Political Science: Journal of Democracy
Political Science: Journal of Information Technology & Politics
Political Science: Journal of Israeli History Politics, Society, Culture
Political Science: Journal of Political Philosophy
Political Science: Journal of Political Science Education
Political Science: Latin American Politics and Society
Political Science: Nationalism and Ethnic Politics
Political Science: Nationalities Papers The Journal of Nationalism and Ethnicity
Political Science: New Political Economy
Political Science: New Political Science
Political Science: Perspectives on European Politics and Society
Political Science: Policy Sciences
Political Science: Political Behavior
Political Science: Public Administration
Political Science: Review of Political Economy
Political Science: Teaching Political Science
Political Science: The Blackwell Companion to Political Sociology
Political Science: The Harvard International Journal of Press/Politics
Political Science: The Review of Black Political Economy
Political Science: The Review of Black Political Economy
Political Science: West European Politics
Political Science: World Politics
Poltical Science: The Blackwell Guide to Social and Political Philosophy

Research Methodology: Accountability in Research
Research Methodology: Action Learning: Research and Practice
Research Methodology: Africa Research Bulletin: Political, Social and Cultural Series
Research Methodology: Annals of Leisure Research
Research Methodology: Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research
Research Methodology: Bilingual Research Journal
Research Methodology: Bulletin of Latin American Research
Research Methodology: Communication Research Reports
Research Methodology: Eastern Africa Social Science Research Review
Research Methodology: European Journal of Political Research
Research Methodology: European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research
Research Methodology: German Research
Research Methodology: International Journal of Urban and Regional Research
Research Methodology: Journal for Cultural Research
Research Methodology: Journal of Folklore Research
Research Methodology: Journal of Genocide Research
Research Methodology: Publishing Research Quarterly cover Publishing Research Quarterly
Research Methodology: Reading and Writing
Research Methodology: Research in Higher Education
Research Methodology: Research in Science Education
Research Methodology: Research in Science Education cover Research in Science Education
Research Methodology: Research on Language & Computation
Research Methodology: Research Papers in Education
Research Methodology: Review of Policy Research
Research Methodology: Review of Religious Research: The Official Journal of the Religious Research A
Research Methodology: The Australian Educational Researcher
Research Methodology: The European Journal of Development Research
Research Methodology: The Journal of Educational Research
Research Methodology: Urban Research & Practice

Security Studies: African Security
Security Studies: African Security Review
Security: Asian Security
Security: Cities, War, and Terrorism: Towards an Urban Geopolitics
Security: Contemporary Security Policy
Security: Critical Studies on Terrorism
Security: Democracy and Security
Security: European Security
Security: Intelligence and National Security
Security: International Journal of Intelligence
Security: International Security
Security: Nuclear Information
Security: Nuclear Physics News
Security: Science & Global Security The Technical Basis for Arms Control, Disarmament, and Nonprolif
Security: Security Studies
Security: Small Wars & Insurgencies
Security: Terrorism and Political Violence
Security: The Faces of Terrorism: Multidisciplinary Perspectives
Security: The Future of War: The Re-Enchantment of War in the Twenty-First Century
Security: War in Ancient Egypt: The New Kingdom

Social Science: Qualitative Sociology
Social Sciences: Academic Questions
Social Sciences: Advertising & Society Review
Social Sciences: African Archaeological Review
Social Sciences: American Anthropologist
Social Sciences: American Ethnologist
Social Sciences: American Journal of Criminal Justice
Social Sciences: An International Journal of Human Rights, Humanitarianism, and Development
Social Sciences: Analysis in Theory and Applications
Social Sciences: Anthropological Linguistics
Social Sciences: Anthropological Quarterly
Social Sciences: Anthropology and Humanism
Social Sciences: Anthropology of Consciousness
Social Sciences: Anthropology of Work Review
Social Sciences: Arctic Anthropology
Social Sciences: Arts and Social Sciences Journal
Social Sciences: Asian Ethnicity
Social Sciences: Asian Journal of Business Ethics
Social Sciences: Asian Journal of Criminology
Social Sciences: Asian Social Science
Social Sciences: Asia-Pacific Journal of Social Sciences
Social Sciences: Behavioral & Social Sciences Librarian
Social Sciences: Brookings Trade Forum
Social Sciences: Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Social Sciences: Child & Family Social Work
Social Sciences: Child Abuse Review
Social Sciences: Children & Society
Social Sciences: Citizenship Studies
Social Sciences: City & Community
Social Sciences: City & Society
Social Sciences: City analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action
Social Sciences: Cognitive Science
Social Sciences: Collaborative Anthropologies
Social Sciences: Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies
Social Sciences: Community Development
Social Sciences: Comparative Critical Studies
Social Sciences: Comparative Technology Transfer and Society
Social Sciences: Contemporary Urban Japan: A Sociology of Consumption
Social Sciences: Crime, Law and Social Change
Social Sciences: Criminal Justice Matters
Social Sciences: Criminal Justice Studies
Social Sciences: Criminal Law Forum
Social Sciences: Cultural Critique
Social Sciences: Culture and Religion
Social Sciences: Current Issues In Language and Society
Social Sciences: Democracy and Disenfranchisement
Social Sciences: Demography
Social Sciences: Development and Change
Social Sciences: Development in Practice
Social Sciences: Disasters
Social Sciences: Earth Surface Processes and Landforms
Social Sciences: e-Service Journal
Social Sciences: Family Process
Social Sciences: Family Relations
Social Sciences: Focus on Geography
Social Sciences: Global Crime
Social Sciences: Human Affairs
Social Sciences: Human Rights Quarterly
Social Sciences: Human Studies
Social Sciences: Hume Studies
Social Sciences: International Journal of Social Welfare
Social Sciences: Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies
Social Sciences: Journal of Human Development and Capabilities
Social Sciences: Journal of Human Resources
Social Sciences: Journal of Law and Society
Social Sciences: Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking
Social Sciences: Journal of Regional Science
Social Sciences: Journal of Social Issues
Social Sciences: Labor Studies Journal
Social Sciences: New Labor Forum
Social Sciences: Reviews in Anthropology
Social Sciences: Social Science History
Social Sciences: Social Science Quarterly
Social Sciences: Social Text
Social Sciences: Society
Social Sciences: Sojourn: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia
Social Sciences: Southern Cultures
Social Sciences: Technical Communication Quarterly
Social Sciences: The American Sociologist
Social Sciences: The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology
Social Sciences: The British Journal of Sociology
Social Sciences: The Canadian Journal of Sociology
Social Sciences: The Contemporary Pacific
Social Sciences: The Good Society
Social Sciences: The Journal of Developing Areas
Social Sciences: Theology and Science
Social Sciences: Theory & Event
Social Sciences: Theory Into Practice
Social Sciences: Transportation Journal
Social Sciences: Urban Water Journal
Social Sciences: Visitor Studies
Social Sciences: Visual Culture in Britain
Social Sciences: Visual Studies
Social Sciences: Western Journal of Communication