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Dr Imdad Ullah
Assistant Professor
Department of Peace and Conflict Studies

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
CIPS National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) H12, NUST
Tel : Off: +92-51-90856792,Cell: +92-312- 5641317

International Law, International Security, Drone Warfare, Cyber Security, Terrorism and Counter- Terrorism.

PhD from the University of Erfurt, Germany, and Masters from the Quaid-i- Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Imdad Ullah is currently serving as an Assistant Professor at the Centre for International Peace & Stability (CIPS), National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST). His main areas of research include international law, international security, terrorism and counter-terrorism.​​
  • Imdad Ullah, Preemptive Self-Defence in the Age of Terror: An International Law Perspective (LAP: Saarbrücken, 2011) { Research Monograph}
  • Imdad Ullah and Ahsan Y. Chaudhary, Drone Age and the Law: Issues and Challenges (LAP: Saarbrücken, 2011) {Research Monograph}
  • Imdad Ullah, ‘Responsibility to Protect’ and the Failure to Prevent the Rise of Islamic State’, Strategic Studies, Vol. 36, No. 3 (2016), pp. 98-118.
  • ‘Responsibility to Protect’ and the Challenge of Islamic State’, (paper presented at the Future of Security Workshop in Graz University, Austria, 2015)
  • ‘Rethinking Transnational Criminal Law in the Context of Cyber Security Threats’, (paper presented at the Emerging Transnational Criminal Law Workshop, School of Law, the University of Copenhagen, 2015)
  • Imdad Ullah, Bakare Najimdeen and Menahil Tahir (eds.), Kashmir Conflict: Changing Dynamics and the Prospects for Peace (Islamabad: NUST Publishing, 2019)
  • Imdad Ullah, 'Comparing Jewish and Islamic laws of war', Indian Journal of International Law, Vol. 58, No. 4 (2018), pp. 453-465.