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Research and Analysis Cell - CIPS
Since its creation in July 2013, CIPS has continued to expand and contribute nationally and internationally. This is evident by accreditation of following courses. UN Military Observer Course, UN Staff Officers Course and Protection of Civilians Course for ITS, UNDPKO, New York. With ever evolving diversification in Peacekeeping Operations, reflected by numerous studies like Lakhdar Brahimi Report, High-level independent Panel on Peace Operations and Consortia of IAPTC and AAPTC seminars, a need was felt to establish a Research and Analysis (R&A) Cell to further build the capacity of CIPS. This R& A Cell has been approved and is functional. 

In a short span since its inception, CIPS also has to its credit a peer-reviewed (academic) international journal titled: NUST Journal of International Peace and Stability (NJIPS). In addition, it also publishes CIPS Magazine that pictorially documents and disseminates the ongoing training and academic activities at CIPS.

NJIPS.  It is a peer-reviewed scholarly-based journal concerning various themes surrounding peacekeeping and peace and conflict studies as per HEC guidelines. It contains articles/ essays on Peace and Conflict issues as well as Peacekeeping. It is published bi-annually. 

The publication of Journal a can be assessed through web:


CIPS Magazine.      It pictorially showcase/ document the role, commitment and  contribution of Pakistan Army in maintaining the peace and stability in the conflict-ridden areas – in the fields of training to deployment from Peacekeeping Mission(s) perspective as well as different academic/ scholarly activities undertaken by Peace and Conflict Department. The contents proportionately cover different major activities in the domain of Peacekeeping Trainings and Peace and Conflict Studies conducted by CIPS every year.  The magazine also includes various articles which reflect the field-site experiences/insights from the mission areas.

The publication of CIPS Magazine can be assessed through web:

CIPS Magazine​:


Brig Imran Rashid (Retd ) – Senior Research Fellow 

​Peacekeeping Training Department/ 
Centre for International Peace and Stability/ NUST
National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
Centre for International Peace and Conflict Studies, NUST H-12 Islamabad
Tel : +92190856797

Evaluating/ Analyzing various United Nations studies, polices, Guidelines and reports for appropriate feedback to CIPS/ Military Operations Directorate GHQ