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Exercise Viking
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Exercise VIKING 14 a computer assisted exercise, was held from 31 March to 10 April 2014 in Sweden. Ambassador (R) Ali Baz and Dr Zahid Shahab Ahmed participated in the full duration of the Exercise whereas Rector joined during the Distinguished Visitors Day (DVD) on 8 April 2014.  From the Pak Army side, Colonel Nazir Hussain Khan, DDMO and Major Arshad Khan of 73 Brigade also attended the exercise.

The aim of VIKING 14 was to train and educate participants - civilian, military and police - to meet the challenges of current and future multidimensional crisis response and peace operations through intimate joint planning and coordination. This included planning and conducting a UN mandated Chapter VII peace operation in an unstable environment and focusing on co-operation and co-ordination with all relevant actors working in the mission area based on a comprehensive approach.

VIKING 14 was a training platform designed to prepare civilians, military and police together for deployment to a peace or crisis response mission area. The exercise was multidimensional, multifunctional and multinational with an emphasis on realism and current operational concepts. It was co-chaired by the Swedish Armed Forces and the FBA. The exercise sites were setup in Sweden, Ireland, Bulgaria, Georgia and Serbia. The Exercise provided a collective training platform for civilians, military and police in planning and conducting Peace Operations. More than 2500 personnel were engaged to participate in VIKING 14, representing some 40 countries and 35 organizations. Based on a Comprehensive Approach, the exercise focused on co-operation and coordination between stakeholders in peace operations and crisis management with an emphasis on realism and current operational concepts. In nutshell, Exercise VIKING 14 was based on an integrated multidimensional approach.

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