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Inauguration Ceremony CIPS - 13 August 2013
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CIPS, NUST, H-12, Islamabad.
CIPS was inaugurated by UN Secretary-General on 13 August 2013. This much-anticipated event was an excellent opportunity for Pakistan to showcase its peacekeeping contributions to the UN. The event was largely attended by members of diplomatic corps, academics from the leading universities, representatives of local think tanks, government institutes, UN agencies, civil society and the media. Former peacekeepers both soldiers and policemen also attended the function.
     The Chief Guest in his inaugural address lauded the services of Pakistani peacekeepers and appreciated the establishment of an institute to train the future crop of peacekeepers in line with the emerging trends and challenges. He said:
         I know this Centre will focus on gaining deeper understanding of the threats to peace and the sources of instability. I applaud your efforts to establish a Department of Peace and promote peace education. Around the world, we must do more to take on the drivers of conflict, including oppression, exclusion and inequality.

     After the opening address, the Chief Guest met the participants of the UN peacekeeping training, and took a round of the photo exhibition covering the activities of the Pakistani peacekeepers over the years.